Monday, October 20, 2008


I want to know who stole R? Somehow, the child that I never ever complained about and thought was the easiest of the 2, yeah... he has become the freaking DEVIL.

Ok - so he is sort of a cute devil, but still.

And before anyone attempt to defend him -- he was up from midnight until 230 just for shits and giggles. Almost literally -- lots of giggles, no shits. He literally just wanted to play.

I tried sitting with him in the living room. That was until he tried to wriggle out of my arms to go play with the cat. Didn't work. So off to his room, where he screamed like he was being dismembered. Then off to our room, where he just played on our bed for almost 2 hours. He would lay down, but it wouldn't last for more then 5 minutes or so.

Finally he went back to his own room. Again there was the screaming, but since I know he is just fine, he got to scream for a bit. I think either I flat out passed out at 3... or he stopped.

Of course L -- you know that one that has the new bed, new room, new everything and every reason to be scared of his room. Oh yeah, that one slept like a log! I am starting to like 3. 18 months isn't so good.

BTW - there are no pictures. Smoo is too tired for that today.

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MommytoA said...

It sucks so much when they do that. At almost 3 yrs, A is still good for it. Lots of watching Disney in the middle of the night. :::hanging head in shame::: She's so much like her Aunt K.