Saturday, October 25, 2008

a step back

After a month of being completely potty trained, L pooped in his pull up last night.

I am not pleased.

And to say he just didn't care at all is an understatement. I think that made me even more annoyed about the whole thing.

I hate PTing. Although I hate changing diapers way more.

Again -- why would I ever want a 3rd?


mamaC said...

Sorry! That stinks! And you want a 3rd because 95% of the time kids are a blast and this stage doesn't last forever. ;)

nicole said...

I'm so sorry! That's horrible when you feel like you're going backwards. I had the same issue with Dylan last night...or at least, she woke up this morning with a wet diaper after two weeks of dry ones. Not happy. Hopefully it was just a fluke thing and it will go back to normal now. I'll keep my fingers crossed.