Thursday, October 23, 2008

Now for the big boy

B and I have been trying to convince L to get out of bed in the morning and come get us to go to the potty.

I mean we have been telling him since we moved here. The hallway between our room and his is lit up so he isn't scared to come to us. He just wouldn't do it. He would instead yell for us. Usually it is for me because I am the one here monday through friday with him.

This morning I was drying my hair when all of a sudden I hear him walk in. He actually got out of bed, no yelling and came to get me and then went potty right away.

For you non-mom's (hey Katie) you have no idea what this means. It means on Saturday mornings he can come to us, we can stay in bed and he can watch a bit of TV while we laze around. Did you get that... I may have a lazy morning again in my life.

Although, add this to my -- why again am I even considering a 3rd because we are finally moving ahead in our lives. Mama needs to make a decision on that one.

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nicole said...

That's fantastic! Hooray. I can't wait for the day when Dylan doesn't even need to tell me, she'll just go. As it is, she comes in, says she needs to go, and then insists I come in and "help" her get the tp off the roll for her. Silly girl. You are certainly moving in the right direction. Good luck making your decision on a third!