Friday, October 17, 2008

The day I started bribing

Ok, I know the title is misleading. I can't imagine that I haven't bribed the boys before with something to either get them to behave in public or do something I wanted. I know when L started school, my mom bribed him with a trip to the pool if he wouldn't cry at drop off and behaved in the evening when we first moved to PA.

Last night though is the first time I bribed him and realized it as a bribe.

I offered him pudding if we could skip working on his letters last night.

Yes, I realize that is probably the most ass-end backwards bribe there ever was. A child that I am struggling to get to age appropriate levels WANTS to play with his letters and work on them and lo and behold I convince him not to. Its just those letters take forever to do and makes me a little nuts (and I looked for a picture of them -- Parents brand magnetic school house. I got it at Target).

Too bad L loves them and it actually VERY good at them.

I promise I will work on them tonight with him. But last night -- vanilla pudding sounded so much more appealing.

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nicole said...

I just looked at the toy on Target's web site and it looks like so much fun. Do you look at the picture and just find the letter or is there anything else you can do with it?