Thursday, January 31, 2008

The morning of poo...

Because really what kind of Mommy blogger would I be without stories of poop?

When I got R up this morning, I knew right away he had pooped in his sleep. Yesterday he pooped so much that it actually leaked out of a cloth diaper -- something that has NEVER happened before -- so I was actually almost expecting a leaky diaper. I wasn't so lucky. I think I would rather have a leaky diaper than have poop the consistancy of tar that I had to scrap off his rearend. Add to that, clumps that were falling off onto the changing table and apparently The Wife fed him beans yesterday. Don't you love when you can actually identify their meals from the day before.

Luckily a quick swish in the toilet was all the diaper needed and then I got R dressed and he was ready to go for the day.

Then L woke up. Yet again, the stench of poo hit you when you walked in the door, but I was NOT prepared to pick him up and be SOAKED. That's right, he peed and pooped through his diaper. To such a great extent that I think I used almost an entire container of wipes practically bathing him head to toe to get it all off. Then of course there was the impending load of laundry to do.

Needless to say -- I washed my hands four times this morning and did a load of laundry. L can't get potty trained quickly enough.

Tell me again why I want another kid?

Wednesday, January 30, 2008


I am just blah today. Don't know why, but everything seems to be pissing me off more than usual. Work has been a bore. Job searching sucks, kills your self-esteem and makes you realize that a 100K law degree is worth basically nothing anymore. Kids are being great, but the nanny is on my last nerve for a reason (doesn't use the breastmilk first, keeps going to the formula).

Oh and my work computer is frizzing on me for some unknown reason and it is making actually doing work a royal pain in the ass.

Then there is the "I can't find a damn thing" in the house going on. Trying to get it cleaned up to take pictures to be able to list it thing, the oh my God it is bitterly cold thing.

Oh and it must be a full moon because every other woman I have been around recently also seems uber pissy.

C'est le live (is the spelled right??). Tomorrow is yet another day.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Just typing that word out makes me giggle. And before you think I am making fun of N or Dy, let me tell you that I asked if it was ok to write about this....

While we were visiting N and her family, it became apparently the Dy is in the throws of the terrible twos. Everything she did is completely normal, age appropriate, expected and L is starting to do the same things so it was a preview of sorts for B and I, but the one thing that she did that made it almost impossible to not laugh at was use the word NEVER.

It apparently started as No Daddy NEVER, when TC went to change her one morning. She is a Mama's girl through and through and only wanted Mommy. I guess N found it hilarious and I quite honestly did too when I heard about.

However, a few days later when we arrived, it quickly became Dy's #1 phrase -- whether it was No Mommy NEVER when N wanted her to eat or clean up or get dressed or it was No L NEVER when L wanted a toy (L and Dy are both not so good at the sharing thing, but at least Dy is honest about it. L just grabs and runs -- although after getting his behind beaten into the ground by Dy, maybe he was just smart!)

I know I made it much harder too because I couldn't help but giggle when she did it either. Although I did get control of myself after about 2 or 3 days and N was able to start cracking down on the frequent use of the word never (seriously, how can you discipline a kid who is getting giggles as the result of what she is saying! Sorry N and TC -- I was bad there).

By the end of our trip, when Dy would use the word NEVER! the entire room would fall silent and Dy would be marched off for a timeout.

I don't want to leave the lasting impression that Dy is a brat or anything. It was actually quite cute how emphatic she was when she used it and it is nice to see that she isn't going to be a shrinking violet to others. She has her mom and dad's stubbornness in her -- much like L does -- and it will serve her well in the future.

In the meantime, N, hopefully you have all the patience in the world and I will be counting on you in 2 months or so to guide me through L's terrible twos.

Monday, January 28, 2008

The bad part of our trip...

N told me that if I didn't post anything in my blog about how bad my trip was she would know I was full of crap. So I have spent the better part of the morning coming up with the worst the trip had to offer.

*crickets chirping*.....

Yep -- that was the worst part... nothing that I can really think of. B and I loved it. L and R loved it. The boys adjusted well to the time change both ways. L still thinks he is in Phoenix and keeps asking to go outside -- poor dude. L picked up more words while he was out there and around Dy (that would be N's daughter and her oldest) -- although he hasn't picked up the one word that we have our fingers crossed about (more to come about that). He does say No, Mommy, no -- which is Dy-esque, but we are also thrilled that he is putting 3 words together and he is quickly learning that telling Mommy no when she tells him to do something is not in his best interest.

So, while the flights were a little rough on us and the boys (R was a crank on the way out and L on the way home), we expected that.

Now if only we could find jobs in the Phoenix area... anyone know of someone hiring?

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

The resilient boys

My boys are impressing the daylights outta me. Even with the bad flight to AZ and the 2 hour time change which would normally throw most kids for a loop, my boys seem to have adjusted easily.

I think the fact that R didn't sleep on the plane and L was running around playing in his new surroundings at midnight AZ time (2am our time) helped out, but the first night here both slept until almost 8am AZ time. And then were right on their normal schedule -- breakfast at 8, lunch at noon and dinner at 6. Even naps have become easy and predictable.

Of course we are going to throw that all to the wind tomorrow when we head to the zoo, but hopefully it works.

Oh and date night is Thursday. For those of you who don't know -- B and I haven't had a date since the week before R was born. Which also was only the 2nd date night we had had since L was born. 3 dates in as many years -- not so much fun. This time it will be our first date night with another couple since the boys were born. I couldn't be more excited. Now hopefully the four of us have something other than the kids to talk about.

Monday, January 21, 2008

More flying fun

In case we didn't have enough traveling fun over the holidays, B and I planned a family trip to Phoenix to visit one of my best friends - N - and her family. B and I used to make this trip annually, but have avoided it like the plague since L was born.

Who knew that L would be the least of our worries.

R was the problem child this time. R - the happiest, smiley child in the world. The one that everyone makes faces at, laughs with and who makes even the most hardcore professional women want to throw it all aside to have kids.

Well, R's only problem is that he likes to sleep on his tummy or in his car seat. Anything other than that and he isn't going to sleep. So even though it was midnight our time and we were on the plane, R was still having nothing to do with being held or sleeping. So instead he screamed and cried for 2 hours straight.

So to those that were on the plane with us, we apologize, but since everyone was still making faces at him and trying to play with him, I think we did a pretty good job keeping him from annoying everyone in the area (mainly by standing in the front or back and rocking with him -- it was a blast for B and I).

I am looking forward to our redeye flight back to NY.

Friday, January 18, 2008

friday food..

I am finally getting back to this, so here is something for those long cold days ahead...

Alpine Chicken

2 teaspoons chicken bouillon granules
1 tablespoon chopped fresh parsley
3/4 teaspoon poultry seasoning
4 ounces diced Canadian bacon
2 carrots -- thinly sliced, -- (up to 3)
1 rib celery -- thinly sliced, -- (up to 2)
1 small onion -- thinly sliced
1/4 cup water
6 Chicken breast halves, boneless skinless
1 can condensed cheddar cheese soup -- (11 oz.)
1 tablespoon all purpose flour
2 tablespoons sliced pimento
2 tablespoons grated parmesan cheese
1 package wide egg noodles -- cooked, drained (16 -- oz.)

In a small bowl, mix bouillon granules, chopped parsley, and poultry seasoning; set aside. Layer in a slow cooker, in order. Canadian bacon, carrots, celery and onion. Add water. Remove skin, if desired, and excess fat from chicken; rinse and pat dry. Place meat in slow cooker. Sprinkle with half of the reserved seasoning mixture. Top with remaining chicken and sprinkle with remaining seasoning mixture. Stir soup and flour together; spoon over top. DO NOT STIR.
Cover and cook on high for 3 to 3 1/2 hours or on low for 6-8 hours or until chicken is tender and juices from chicken run clean and vegetables are tender. Spread cooked noodles in a shallow 2 or 2 1/2 quart broiler proof serving dish. Arrange chicken on noodles. Stir soup mixture and vegetables until combined. Spoon vegetables and some of the liquid over chicken. Sprinkle with pimento and Parmesan cheese. 6. Broil 6 inches from heat source for 6-8 minutes or until lightly browned.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

It happened

Everyone said it would happen. B and I were so worried about L and his speech and everyone laughed at us and said "once he starts talking you will just want him to shut up."

They were right.

Well, they were sort of right. L is still delayed with his speech, but he is getting so much better. He doesn't talk in sentances at all yet, but he is getting much better at 2 and 3 word combos. He seems to get a bit stuck on words though.

Well, not words, exactly. One word.


I think he does it to make me crazy. He doesn't do it with Daddy... and Daddy is by far his favorite still, however, he never just says Mommy once. It is like a broken record that he gets stuck on. Doesn't matter if I respond immediately or attempt to ignore it. It is very weird to me.

Oh and makes me batshit crazy because I hate repetively noises/sounds/words.

But he is talking and getting better and better every day. Lauren, his speech therapist, is so impressed with his progress that every day is a glowing report. And while it makes me crazy, I am so proud of him too.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Hurt feelings

I have decided that my feelings are in fact hurt. It takes a lot to hurt my feelings and the events that took place are more than 2 months old and NOW I am deciding that, yes, in fact, I am hurt.

Awhile ago, I posted a 100 things about me entry. In that I included something about one of my oldest friends being my former boss and how he and his wife had a hard time getting pregnant and how I had just found out that they were in fact pregnant. I was over the moon for them. Talked to mutual friends and offered any and all services I could offer for a baby shower, spoke with her frequently to see how she was doing, offered her anything of ours that she wanted when she found out she was having a boy (all my boy clothing are apparently making a round around my friends here in NY since everyone keeps popping out boys) and then found out 3 days before her scheduled shower that it was 1) happening that weekend and 2) I was specifically NOT invited.

OUCH. I haven’t talked to her since.

The even further back story is that her MIL was hosting it and I have a very separate relationship that soured with her MIL. Namely, her son worked for her when I worked for her son, making her my boss’s boss, and I didn’t leave under great circumstances (although I haven’t yet figured out if they were happy to see me go or pissed that I left. The last thing she ever said to me was -- I can’t believe you are only giving us two weeks notice. That is ridiculously short notice since you have been here 3 years. --- AHHH WHAT???? Last time I check that was standard and there is no sliding scale based on your years with a company). Anyways, I chalked it up to friend and his wife not wanting to fight with mommy the hostess and mommy the hostess still acting like a spoiled 3 year old (note -- one reason I was so glad to see the end of that job). But I haven’t heard a peep from them.

So, I have finally decided that my feelings are hurt. But it is now making me look back and realize that while friend has in fact been an awesome friend to me for the last 11 years, his wife, has some serious jealousy issues. I guess she is still pissy that I know more about his past than she does (which I only found out through a mutual friend who in fact said -- I don’t want another woman acting like she knows my husband better than I do. I am sorry, WHAT??? I know his PAST better than anyone else -- just like BF knows B’s past better than anyone else. Also -- hello I was there LIVING it for 5 years before you came into the picture. How would I NOT know it better?) But I guess she can’t get over that and now I have to write her and my former friend (who seriously would never and should never pick me over his wife) off.

It is just hard since Friend has been in my life since I was 19, is the reason I live in NY and knows more about me and my past then B does. So thank you for your friendship. Enjoy your new and growing family and I hope that you are blessed with all the best life has to offer because you really were a true friend to me in every meaning of the word.

Oh and your baby shower present -- the one I bought the DAY I found out you were having a boy. Well, I haven’t quite decided what to do with that, although I picked it out with my friend in mind, so maybe I will send it to him.

At least I saved a crap load of money on a big baby shower present.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

follow up to the interview

I realized I didn't post a follow up to my interviews.

Lets see -- law firms are 180 degrees different there than in NYC.

The pay is less than I was making as a paralegal

Hours would be great.

Job with the state would mean a pension -- something I am certainly not getting elsewhere.

It is doable with B and I both working.

Door isn't closed in the sense, but I am still exploring other options. Decisions like this were much easier to make before I had kids!

Monday, January 14, 2008

Hilton Hotels... where you should stay

Well after the whole fight with Travelocity -- more than a week, 6 calls and no results, I am thrilled to announce that Hilton Hotels has refunded the almost $200 in charges that resulted from Travelocity's utter incompetence.

To say I am now a fan of the Hilton Hotel chain is an understatement. There was no nasty comments, no talking over me, no utter disregard for what I was saying (hello Travelocity -- I told you 100 times I DID NOT STAY IN THE HOTEL THAT NIGHT!!!), Hilton listened and did what should have been done from day one. Refunded the charges.

Thank you Hilton. Now I hope every single person that reads this will stay with you for at least one night because, not only do you have wonderful customer service, but your hotel and especially the bed, was so nice and squishy that I look forward to going back there for more interviews!!

And I promise no more travel woes for us for ... oh about a week. We are off to Phoenix on Saturday which of couse means we will run into some travel crisis....

Thursday, January 10, 2008

a little slice of heaven

Do you know how nice it is to spend a few hours in a nice comfy bed, with access to wireless internet, with no kids yelling mommy mommy mommy and watching whatever tv I want?

It is really really REALLY nice.

It is also sad and I miss the boys, but I think I will get past it.

But I am getting a lot of knitting done too.

Interviews start in less then 12 hours.

things i have learned this year...

  • L can now tell us when he is going to throw up
  • L can throw up into a toilet
  • R won't throw up unless he is alone in his crib
  • L takes more than 10 days to have normal poop after the flu
  • R does not
  • the stomach flu will absolutely trash you milk supply
  • when you normally happy child cries for three days straight, see if you have low milk supply before thinking it is an ear infection
  • I am just not destined to be a mom that nurses for a year. 10 months this time, 8 months last time
  • when you are fighting your supply on a daily basis for months, it really is a relief to actually break down and use formula
  • 500 oz of stored breastmilk will NOT get you through the first year even if you pump all the dang time
  • B - is more of a lactivist then I am, but he is also extremely supportive when he sees it doesn't work

Ahhh -- the lessons of the stomach flu

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

I don't think I am supposed to travel

more travel woes...

Travelocity sucks. Surprise surprise there. Lots of yelling today... charged me for a hotel reservation I canceled because I was puking.

They suck -- don't deal with them. 5 calls and almost a week later story is totally different now.

I am in the process of calling the hotel right now -- so Hilton, please let me come on here and say good things about you!!! PLEASE.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Why not to fly Jet Blue

Here is a little note to any family that is planning on traveling in the near future….


Do not let them lure you in with their TV goodness that you think will keep your children entertained during a flight because 1) there is not entertainment on 4+ hour delays while you are loaded on and off the plane multiple times (car seat in tow and all), 2) they will do their best to screw you over five ways to Sunday prior to you boarding their planes and 3) they could not be more family UN-friendly if they tried.

Pre-boarding for all of 30 second -- that coming from the unbiased, un-pissed off half of this family.

Oh and gate checking a stroller -- yeah, they will make that as painful as possible too.

Try to add a lap infant to a reservation -- make sure you have every identifying piece of information you have ever been provided throughout your entire life otherwise they will plead breach of confidentiality as Carissa did multiple times on their customer service line (although I don't know how they can be breaching my confidence when I am adding to my own reservation as I had done similtaneous for another flight!).

Maybe it was just the obnoxious asshole that was the gate agent on January 1, 2008 at O’Hare’s F8 terminal, but since he seemed to think that it “wasn’t his problem” (only said that about 7 times), I am going to try to make sure that it in fact becomes his problem.

Monday, January 7, 2008

Oh the holidays....

You know what would suck… what would suck is if you planned to travel a lot over the holidays because your family is located in 4 different states and in two different regions of the US.

And what would suck even more is if you were on a flight to middle-America with your two small children after weathering a 4 hours delay and all of a sudden the person behind your oldest son started puking. A person you wouldn’t have had any further contact with by this point because the flight was supposed to be at its destination 2 hours before you actually took off.

And what would just add the cherry to the sucky-ness of it all would be if your oldest son then proceeded to get sick and it spread like wild fire through your in-laws and then right back to you making you cancel job interviews for a job that you really really really want.

Oh and then the nanny would get sick and still be sick 4 days later so that B was now missing.

Yeah -- that would really suck.

Guess who’s last 10 days or so really sucked.