Tuesday, January 22, 2008

The resilient boys

My boys are impressing the daylights outta me. Even with the bad flight to AZ and the 2 hour time change which would normally throw most kids for a loop, my boys seem to have adjusted easily.

I think the fact that R didn't sleep on the plane and L was running around playing in his new surroundings at midnight AZ time (2am our time) helped out, but the first night here both slept until almost 8am AZ time. And then were right on their normal schedule -- breakfast at 8, lunch at noon and dinner at 6. Even naps have become easy and predictable.

Of course we are going to throw that all to the wind tomorrow when we head to the zoo, but hopefully it works.

Oh and date night is Thursday. For those of you who don't know -- B and I haven't had a date since the week before R was born. Which also was only the 2nd date night we had had since L was born. 3 dates in as many years -- not so much fun. This time it will be our first date night with another couple since the boys were born. I couldn't be more excited. Now hopefully the four of us have something other than the kids to talk about.

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