Monday, January 28, 2008

The bad part of our trip...

N told me that if I didn't post anything in my blog about how bad my trip was she would know I was full of crap. So I have spent the better part of the morning coming up with the worst the trip had to offer.

*crickets chirping*.....

Yep -- that was the worst part... nothing that I can really think of. B and I loved it. L and R loved it. The boys adjusted well to the time change both ways. L still thinks he is in Phoenix and keeps asking to go outside -- poor dude. L picked up more words while he was out there and around Dy (that would be N's daughter and her oldest) -- although he hasn't picked up the one word that we have our fingers crossed about (more to come about that). He does say No, Mommy, no -- which is Dy-esque, but we are also thrilled that he is putting 3 words together and he is quickly learning that telling Mommy no when she tells him to do something is not in his best interest.

So, while the flights were a little rough on us and the boys (R was a crank on the way out and L on the way home), we expected that.

Now if only we could find jobs in the Phoenix area... anyone know of someone hiring?


nicole said...

I'm not buying it. There had to be something. Anything.
By the way, it rained all day yesterday, but it's gorgeous today. We miss having you all here!

MomSmoo said...

I know. They have pictures of Scottsdale and Glendale all over our news since the Giants are headed out there... Makes us miss it more.

-Bailey said...
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-Bailey said...

Ok if W won't be honest about her trip to AZ then I will be...

Top 10 things N & T didn't like about their house guests this past week:

10) We had to roll down the windows "because it was too hot." It was 51 degrees outside if my memory serves right.

9) We had to turn down the thermostat in the house "because it was too hot."

8) Our electricity bill will probably be outrageous because R & L couldn't sleep without a fan (on the highest setting) blowing on them all night.

7) Our water bill will probably be outrageous because W seems to give their kids a bath in the sink after each meal. If you've seen it you know what I'm talking about.

6) Our dog gained 7 pounds because of all the food R dropped on the floor.

5) N and I gained about 7 pounds because of the freaking gigantic portion sizes that B makes at meals.

4) Our cabinets and countertop are level because Home Depot sold me crappy stuff that B was able to straighten it all up. So much for the non-professional do-it-yourself at home look.

3) R & L didn't hold still enough for "I" to practice punches. D got in a few good whacks on L but the other kids were too fast for "I" to catch up.

2) They let us come close but never let us win at Cranium. (But W stinks at cards so thank you for that!)

And the worst thing about their trip..

1) I'm hungry - We miss them already.

Glad you guys had a good trip. We'll see you next year if not sooner.

MomSmoo said...
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MomSmoo said...

Hey -- only R had a fan on him and think of all the electricty you save when you "HAD" to turn the heat down.

I think I wasted more water with washing the diapers though. Let me know if your water bill does spike though because we will be more than happy to cover it -- we know we used a lot. ;-)