Saturday, June 28, 2008

I know, I know

I suck at this, but do you have an idea how hard it is to put up a blog entry when you have no access to it during the work day and you are attempted to look like a responsible parent in front of your own parents? That mean no gross neglect from the time I get home at night until the kiddos are in bed and then after that I get to dive into my way stimulating reading of Torts or Property or Contracts or the dreaded Evidence lectures that I am attempting to get through at lightening speed. Some how a 4 hour lecture seems to take me 6 hours. Why I get stuck in a time warp... haven't quite been able to pinpoint that.

So, this week was quite sucky too -- hence the absense of posts also -- because seriously, half the people who read this have heard me whining and to drag everyone else into my self-centered pity party just isn't fun now that I have hit 30.

Needless to say, everything has worked out 100 times better then expected (or expected 2 days ago -- my expectations have taken a nose-dive from my idealistic times of just 6 weeks ago) and things are going along swimmingly. I may actually be a home owner... actually make that an owner of 2 homes... in 48 hours. I don't know who is counting down the seconds more -- my parents who will get their house back or me -- who is hoping my kids go back to sleeping 12 hours a night and stop this crap of getting up at 6am on the dot once they are in their own rooms and own beds.

Oh and did I mention that we are moving in on July 3! 2 days short of our move into our first house 3 years ago. A time of year that I swore I would never ever move again because hello pits of Hell, how are you doing? Weather is nice here, no?

But this time around, we have movers. Movers people -- I am moving up in the world! (btw -- not really -- it is actually cheaper to pay people to move us rather then rent a truck and pay people to help load it). Now, anyone want to predict how the movers screw us over??

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Huh wha?

I continue to get myself into these situations were I turn around and think -- WHAT?? How did I end up agreeing to that?

In the last 24 hours I have agreed to participate in a team triathlon -- I am doing the swimming part. I haven't really SWUM in oh… about 11 years. I have 3 months to train during which I am also moving and sitting for the PA bar.
And talking about moving.

Somehow I have myself locked into a client meeting at the EXACT SAME TIME as my closing. Luckily the conference rooms are practically on top of one another, but does that mean I get to run back and forth? Gotta talk to the attorney who is doing out closing and see how much I need to be present for it. Since it is an attorney here in my new firm, I am thinking they are going to prefer that I am spending time with the client and maybe can get out of all but the first half an hour.

Note to self -- figure out how to respond to meeting requests with an alert for when you have a conflict on your calendar. It will save your sanity.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

less then 24 hours

Until B will be here!!

If only you could see the smile on my face now just thinking of it. I miss him, I know he misses me and I know the boys will velcro themselves to him the instant that they see him. What I don't know is how they are going to react when he leaves again on Sunday.

Only 2 more weeks of this crap to go.

Oh and a switch in bedrooms made for a better night for R, but then L was up at the butt crack of dawn... do I snore or something?

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Open mouth...

insert foot.

So that whole thing about my kids doing really well and not having too much of a problem with daycare. Yeah, that all back fired on me this morning. L woke up in a mood. R woke up 2 hours early. To say I had cranky kids is an understatement.

It only got worse at each stop. L freaked as I got ready to leave and R continued to get more aggitated and tired. The poor kid was rubbing his eyes by 8AM!!! His nap time isn't until NOON.

R apparently recovered well and had a good day and L didn't. After 2 months of being 100% daytime potty trained, we are back in pull ups because quite frankly I can't wash 3 pairs of shorts on a daily basis and think that my kids will have clothing after a few days.

Then R was a crank all night and L was the best behaved I have seen him in a long time.

Needless to say, R went to bed an hour early in a new room and lets hope that sleeping away from mommy does the trick for him. L is now in my room.

Please God, let me get more than 5 hours of sleep tonight. I can't study for shit when I am this tired.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

hanging up the SAHM hat

I am officially back to work! And it is completely wonderful.

The boys have been doing so well with school and daycare respectively. L doesn't have too much of a problem with drop offs, but holy hell does he freak when I pick him up.

R -- who I was most worried about -- couldn't really care less. When I walked in to pick him up today the director was all excited about how happy he was and how well he was doing. That is saying a lot in my mind. Not to mention, they are totally accepting of the cloth diapering and keep commenting on how easy it is! The only problem -- it closes at 530, so I have to race out of my office to get him, and it is on the East end of the city and L and I are dead central!

Me -- well, I haven't been this happy in a job in I don't know how long. It is actually new and exciting and intellectually stimulating. It isn't the same old same old, which is what I did for the last 5 years. Granted, I miss my co-workers and former boss like crazy, but my new co-workers are kinda fun and we have a great mix of old and young attorneys.

Oh and I have a secretary that wants to WORK. That is something totally new to me.

So all in all, I have to give the move and the new life two giant thumbs up. My parents on the other hand haven't been this tired since The Saint was colicky and didn't sleep more than an hour at a time... she is 34!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

YEAH for Sprint

Ok, so after my bashing of sprint the last time, I have to at least tell you what did happen.

Nothing -- for 4 days. Then B stepped up, called Sprint and spent an hour and half on the phone (although mainly on hold) and got me a Blackberry Pearl for a steal! Well $99 -- their intro rate!

Guess being a customer for 12 years and 13 years respectively actually does mean something.

Now - any idea on what plan to go with. I am thinking the simply everything plan and then not having a home phone anymore....

Monday, June 9, 2008

The crackberry

I have had a blackberry since 2004. I got it back when I was a paralegal and headed to DC for a hearing and it has just been mine ever since. It is the one device that I have NEVER lost and have been quite good at making sure is charged and ready to go. My cell phone -- you have about a 10% chance of catching me on that. My blackberry -- you have a 98% chance of catching me there.

Well I turned it in on Friday. Actually, I didn't turn it in at all -- I got to keep it because it is so old and outdated they didn't want it back, but they did turn the service off of it almost immediately.

Any idea how much it sucks to not have wireless internet OR a blackberry when you have had both for 2 years!

It sucks a LOT!

So, I tried to convince Sprint that after 12 years of being a customer, they would be stupid to not give me a free phone and therefore LOSE a customer. It hasn't worked thus far. I am really thinking it is time to move on though.

I guess that means I am looking for new suggestions as to a service provider. Anyone have any ideas?

Friday, June 6, 2008

2 in one day?

Yep -- two entries in one day -- after a week absence. I am all sorts of complicated.

So today is my last day at my current employer. 5 years, same boss. It may not be terribly long for some of you, but it is long for me and I am going to miss him terribly!

I am doing a lot of -- last time.... -- stuff. NOT COOL.

the happy update

So things are finally headed in the right direction for us. I found daycare in PA for both the boys, so now the plan is for both the boys to move with me on the 13th of June. I start my new job on Monday the 16th and the boys start school and daycare. They are going to seperate places as of right now, but there is a spot at the school for the fall for R.

Also, my parents called last night and offered to lend us $$ for a downpayment on the house we want in PA (since we haven't sold the NY house yet). I was shocked. Once the details came out -- they have a home equity credit line for their house, but have never used it. The really news though was their HELOC was for 4%. That is CHEAP for a HELOC, so they are going to give us access to the money and we can use it as a downpayment. We will just be responsible for paying it back (which hopefully the vast majority of it will be paid back when we unload the NY house). It was be dumb of us NOT to take it since no matter what I am not getting a mortgage for 4%! So, YEAH for that.

We are headed BACK to PA (I was just there for the first half of the week) tonight to do the inspection on the house we like with the local building inspector -- who happens to be my best friend's dad -- and then we will make an offer on the house. This is the one we were in love with from first sight, but thought we lost about 2 weeks ago. Turns out that couple never put in the offer that they told the listing agent was forthcoming.

Lastly, we lowered the price on the NY house another 20K. At this point we just want to be clear of the mortgage. The market is killing us and there is nothing we can do but sit on the house. Who knows how long it is going to be until it turns around and I do not want to be a landlord to a house I am more then 4 hours away from. Since we lowered the price on Monday, we have had a bunch of traffic (just set up our 4th showing for tomorrow!) and 2 of the people have responded back that they are VERY interested. GREAT -- now just make a offer for goodness sake.

YEAH -- finally not a blah blah blah, everything sucks, the world is trying to eat me post!