Friday, June 6, 2008

the happy update

So things are finally headed in the right direction for us. I found daycare in PA for both the boys, so now the plan is for both the boys to move with me on the 13th of June. I start my new job on Monday the 16th and the boys start school and daycare. They are going to seperate places as of right now, but there is a spot at the school for the fall for R.

Also, my parents called last night and offered to lend us $$ for a downpayment on the house we want in PA (since we haven't sold the NY house yet). I was shocked. Once the details came out -- they have a home equity credit line for their house, but have never used it. The really news though was their HELOC was for 4%. That is CHEAP for a HELOC, so they are going to give us access to the money and we can use it as a downpayment. We will just be responsible for paying it back (which hopefully the vast majority of it will be paid back when we unload the NY house). It was be dumb of us NOT to take it since no matter what I am not getting a mortgage for 4%! So, YEAH for that.

We are headed BACK to PA (I was just there for the first half of the week) tonight to do the inspection on the house we like with the local building inspector -- who happens to be my best friend's dad -- and then we will make an offer on the house. This is the one we were in love with from first sight, but thought we lost about 2 weeks ago. Turns out that couple never put in the offer that they told the listing agent was forthcoming.

Lastly, we lowered the price on the NY house another 20K. At this point we just want to be clear of the mortgage. The market is killing us and there is nothing we can do but sit on the house. Who knows how long it is going to be until it turns around and I do not want to be a landlord to a house I am more then 4 hours away from. Since we lowered the price on Monday, we have had a bunch of traffic (just set up our 4th showing for tomorrow!) and 2 of the people have responded back that they are VERY interested. GREAT -- now just make a offer for goodness sake.

YEAH -- finally not a blah blah blah, everything sucks, the world is trying to eat me post!

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mamaC said...

YEAH!! YEAH!! YEAH!!! You forgot the best part!! The house you want is a block away from my parents so I can see you guys all the time!! Oh wait, maybe you dont consider that a good thing! LOL ;)
I am just SO glad everything is falling into place for you guys!