Friday, February 29, 2008

Happy Leap Day

I am off busy enjoying my kids after working a 50 hour week in 4 short days. Actually, I am working during their nap times, but shhh no one needs to know that.

We are having a fun celebration of sorts to mark their 1st leap year -- did you hear that, they both had a first at the same time!! WHOOO HOOO. Yeah, so I kinda mke it up, but whatever -- this is my house and I get to celebrate what I want.

So... I have my day planned, but what would you do to mark leap year with your kids?

Thursday, February 28, 2008

when did that happen

R eats with a fork now
L will tell you a story about his day, expresses preferences and asks to call his grandmother
R gained 2 lbs in as many weeks
L grew yet another inch seemingly overnight
R has a preference to beef -- ground beef, sliced beef, doesn't matter
L has a favorite book
R refuses his nighttime bottle several times a week and still sleeps through the night
L thinks his new wake up time is 630 in the morning
R will mix it up with L now
L is temper tantruming like a proper 2 year old.

My babies are becoming little boys and I don't like it.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

what would have been great

You know what would have been great? What would have been great is if I didn't have to work until 1 in the morning last night. Walk in the house that look like a tornado ripped through the kitchen to find dirty dishes in the sink and the clean dishes still sitting in the dishwasher.

What also would have been great is if L didn't wake up when I walked in the door at 130 in the morning and then proceeded to sleep like ass the rest of the night and wanted to be up at 620 in the morning -- just over 4 hours after I crawled into bed. Also would have been great if B didn't hit snooze a GAZILLION times every freaking morning, so while I am still in bed I really get woken up at 4:00, 4:07; 4:14. 4:21....... until he finally rolls his ass outta bed at 6!!!!

What also would have been great is if all the work that I left at the office would have magically transported home overnight so I could stay here and still get that work done instead of something else significantly more boring.

And finally what else would have been great -- if I had gotten a job offer from someone/ANYONE and been able to tell the co-irker off yesterday when he was being a royal pain in the ass yet again.

Alas, none of that happened and I am in quite a mood today.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Update... what update

Oh, you want to hear about my interview on Friday and my phone interview on Monday. You know, since I was all stressed out about what do I do if they offer me a position on Friday and I still have this thing on Monday. Oh what to do, what to do ....

Yeah, silly me.

Interview Friday went well. I spent about 8 hours in the car, what with the biggest storm the Northeast has had this year and all, and 3 hours in the interview. But alas, no offer was forthcoming. They apparently have more second interviews scheduled the first week of March and while I wanted to scream -- come on people -- I drove here in a snow storm, that shows dedication. You guys obviously like me enough to talk to me for three hours this time and an hour and a half last time so lets stop pissing around and just offer me a damn job already -- I thought that may be pushing my luck.

My Monday telephone interview didn't happen. No clue what is going on there, but never got a confirmation from him and I am still waiting to hear back, so that ship may have sailed already.

And just because life needs to be a bit more interesting, my wonderful, love him to death boss, went all cryptic on me yesterday and said something about moving and telecommuting and "well, we will just see..." WHAT?????!!!! Are you kidding me. My freak-out-ometer is at an all time high now and I just want answers.

So there people is your damn update. Now my panties are all in a twist again and I am stressy. Off to re-caffienate myself since that will be oh so calming and all.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Returning to Chuck E. Cheese

B wanted to take the boys to Chuck E Cheese this weekend. I thought he was nuts, remembering the juggle of 5 kids by myself when I took my nieces and the boys in September. But as usual I caved in and we took off for Chuck E. Cheese.

OMG -- it was GREAT. L is so well behaved, loved playing a lot of the games, won a load of tickets (he is the KING of random point games) and loved riding all the cars, merry go round and slides they had. R had a great time toddling around, liked to play in the toddler area, ride some of the rides, especially the seat that goes around in a circle (if you have been there you know what I am talking about) and was facinated by the lights and sounds of ski-ball. Mommy however is losing her touch as ski-ball.

No broken wrist this time either, although I did notice that I still have a huge lump on my wrist where I hurt it before.

Anyways, boys were exhausted after 3 hours there, but the night flew by and we all had a total blast. I just can't wait to take them back and cash in our 648 tickets (give or take the few hundred more that B and L will win).

Thursday, February 21, 2008

a bit busy

I have a new hobby that I just love. B would even say I am a bit addicted to it, but when the results look like this on your baby.... well how can you not be addicted.

I need more project ideas though. At the rate I am going, R is going to have more longies and soakers then he will be able to wear. I think he currently has 9 pairs of longies (4 that I have made, 2 my parents bought and the rest were trades for other covers) and 5 soakers (those are similar to what I have pictured, but without legs and will be used in the summer in our house). The only thing saving me right now is knowing that I can do shorts too!
Not to mention the close to 30 skeins of wool yarn I have currently packed away in a box, but that are screaming my name. And the million and one skeins of yarn I see and drool over every stinking day! (ask N -- she probably gets about 10 links from me a day to different yarns that I just love!).
How does one break an addiction to making something? Why can't I make knitting/crocheting my full time job? (other than the fact that is most certainly will not pay the bills!)

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Getting ahead of myself

So, I am continuing to apply to jobs in Phoenix and PA when I find them, but I seem to get ahead of myself on a lot of this stuff. I was worrying this morning about what I would do if I get an offer after my second interview with the PA firm, even though I have a telephone interview with someone in Phoenix on Monday (interview with PA firm is this Friday).

1st -- that would require me to get an offer AT the second interview -- not gonna happen
2nd -- that would be me thinking that the person will think I am as good of a fit for the Phoenix job as I think I am on Monday
3rd -- this is not a problem yet and I am worrying about it

This of course is similar to my problem with R -- already worried that he is going to have a speech delay like L and trying to figure out how to do therapy for two kids. Or the house -- listing it before I have a solid job offer anywhere. Or pretty much anything in my life. I am a planner, and make myself crazy planning 10 years down the line. B on the other hand is a sit back and wait-er. It leads to lots of conflict, let me tell you.

So, here is to doing nothing for the next 5 days or so. Seeing how the interview goes on Friday. Talking to the person on Monday about Phoenix and trying my best to keep busy at my current job because HELLO -- I need it to pay the bills until all the chips fall where they may.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

My crappy weekend

L’s therapy
Run to BJs, CVS, the bank and the post office
Out to dinner with B and the boys

Start working on the basement as soon as R goes down for his morning nap -- B getting work truck
B takes L upstairs to play
Work on basement until noonish
Fight with B
Both boys go down for naps
B and I both work in the basement
Start loading stuff onto the truck
Run to Home Depot for paint and then out to dinner at China Buffet (bleck, yuck, hate it!!!)
Home and boys to bed

B paints the basement, I take the boys to Carters for shopping
Stop at storage unit to rent it -- CLOSED
Stop at second storage unit at boys lunch time -- rent unit while trying to keep kids from scalding selves on hot water
Go home, feed boys
Boys take naps
Finish loading entire basement bedroom in truck -- just B and I
Relax for a bit while boys finish naps
B gets antsy and decides to go to storage unit and start unloading
B calls (wakes boys) to say he can’t get in
Proceed to FREAK
I call customer service of Storage Delux (the storage company) only to be told flat out “not our problem, we only reserve units”. BTW -- that was Don who told me that, not once, not twice, but THREE times! Hate Storage Delux
Get boys up and load in the car, head to meet B.
Finally decide that storage unit isn’t going to work (we get in as someone is leaving and find that storage unit is NOT on the outside like I asked REPETITIVELY, but through multiple hallways -- screw this), have B come home
Unload truck while L plays in the truck and R screams in his exersaucer
Hate B, B hates me, 2+ days of busting our behinds and not a thing is done in our house. House looks much much worse then before

Can’t clean basement now because there is no room to even walk (don't know how I will be working from home at all either)
Decide that I will go to work -- nothing else to do and the Wife if there
Go to "I suck Storage Delux" to cancel contract -- woman there keeps telling me that *I* misunderstood -- makes me batshit crazy
Cancel contract
Talk to realtor who suggests we don’t list house until we have moved out and see if we can swing mortgage and rent in new location. Get the word from her that in fact the entire living room needs demo’d. Need to figure out where to live for 2+ weeks during that mess.
Tell B this -- he hates the idea
Drive to NYC to work
Work for a few hours
Drive home
Stop at Target to spend gift card -- finally find baskets for R’s room to make it look a bit more organized
Freak the hell out because one long weekend, nothing done, more decisions to be made and feel like it is all on my shoulders (since it depends on my getting a job, etc.)

Post on my blog because what the hell else ya gonna do, right? Anyone want to buy a house in the NYC burbs? At this point I will just sell it for cost!

Friday, February 15, 2008

It can be done

B and I were discussing with N and her hubby (TC) our respective grocery bills. I think N and TC just about had a heart attack when we said that we spend about $1000 a month on groceries.

We realized that $1000 might be a bit of a stretch - because that includes all diapers and wipes and anything "extra" we buy at BJs, but for the most part we spend $400 a month or more at BJs and $200 a week on groceries for the 4 of us.

Granted L is a pig, B eats about as much as 3 people and that includes us packing our lunches at least 3 times a week because buying lunch in NYC is hellish.

This week -- I stuck to the list and only spent $160. We didn't even go grocery shopping last week. I have a few more things to get that will easily run me another $40 (milk for everyone, bread and a few more green things that I can't get at BJs), but $200 in two weeks is GREAT for us.

Now, give me your tips for spending even less. Our small organic grocer is cheaper then the chain, so we buy all fruits and veggies there for cheap. I am no longer buying prepared meals and I am going to try cooking on the weekends, etc. But I need more ideas on how to be frugal in this area.

B and I WILL be out of debt before we move -- or at least that is the goal. We are getting so close that it is getting more and more real after each paycheck.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Seeing things

I know I must be seeing things.

I got out of the shower yesterday morning and got on the scale and it revealed that I am now BELOW what I weighed pre-L. I know that just isn't possible.

Although the fact that I haven't eaten in more than a month leads me to believe that I really could have dropped about 20lbs in the last few weeks. B has lost 10lbs in the last week. Who knows how much L has lost, esp considering I still can't get that kid to eat much of anything.

R -- well he seems to be hell bent on being the largest 1 year old - both in height and weight - to ever been seen in our pediatricians office. I can't finish a pair of longies for the kid anymore without putting an extra half inch in the inseam to make sure they will actually fit in another week.

Happy Valentine's Day to all!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

We have a walker!

R is officially walking now. Well, really he has been walking since February 1st, but every time he makes another progression, I say "well, he isn't really walking because..."

Well, I have run out of becauses. He can stand up and just start walking. Granted, he only goes a few steps at a time, but the distances keep getting longer and longer and he is doing less of a shuffle and more of a real walk.

When L hit this stage, I was so excited about it. I wanted him to walk. I wanted him to do the next thing. I wanted him to grow up.

But with R, I don't want any of that to happen. He is my baby and still needs his mama and I want to keep it that way.

Maybe it is because we still don't know if we are going to have more kids or maybe it is because I know the more grown up he gets the harder it gets, but this time around I want to freeze time and keep him little for as long as possible.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Yesterdays post

Yep, just lather rinse and repeat there. Boys still sick. Drs appts for L and I today. I am so congested my ear drums are apparently puckering. Oh joy. At least the stabbing ear pain makes sense now.

Things are going well on the job front also. I am going back for a second interview at an amazing firm that I am just down right giddy over.

Hopefully a good job and good health are in our near future!

Monday, February 11, 2008

Guess what happens when the flu hits?

The blog gets neglected.

B came home with the flu on Wednesday afternoon.

L promptly got it right after him. R about 2 hours later.

I held off until late Friday night when I was at my parents house and had my mommy to take care of me. Luckily it seems to have hit me the mildest and I am just left with a cough and double ear infections.

B, well he is still on the mend. R seems to be doing well and L is still hacking up a lung. Poor baby.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

We have words

R started talking.

Mama was his first word.

Make that his only word thus far.

I love being #1.

BTW -- L first word... it was Bella. Yep, the dog ranks higher in importance then B or I in L's eyes.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

They are certainly brothers

The boys had a little surprise for me this morning. When L woke up and called out for me, I greated him with my standard, "good morning sweetie, did you sleep well?" To which I got the reply -- "ouchies mommy" -- while he chewed on his finger back where his molars would be. Lo and behold his second set of molars have made an appearance -- upper left-hand side. They have done so with little fan fare because I wasn't checking for them and he wasn't showing the normal signs of teething.

That has been R -- chewing on everything and major drooling. So when he woke up, I checked him too and much to my surprise, he also popped a molar sometime through the night, also on his upper left hand side.

I had to put it in the baby books right away, but what are the odds of that happening on the same side at the same time?

Monday, February 4, 2008

Goodbye old friend.

We are done nursing. My supply has totally gone kaput on me and the herbal supplement I got (Mothers Milk Plus) to fix it gave me raging gas! I mean I seriously could have shot myself to the moon. B was oh so impressed with the frequency of my toots. I believe it would have helped in the long run, but I wasn't able to stay on it for more than a day or so at a time.

Add to that 3 plugs in one month, job searching, getting the house ready to list, etc and I decided to trust my body and throw in the towel. My body safely brough R into this world and it lasted as long as it could. Luckily I have enough frozen to be able to give him one bottle of BM a day until he is 11 months at which time we will move him to whole milk.

Although I have never been so happy to pack up my pump and know I won't have to use it for a long time, if ever again!

Friday, February 1, 2008

Molar hell

R is getting in 3 molars. Along with them is a wonderful red, patchy and bleeding rash on his tush. Good times in the house.

So... eat, enjoy and Go GIANTS!


1 Pound Ground Sirloin
2 Cans kidney beans
1 Large Can tomato juice, low sodium -- V8
1 Small Head cabbage -- sliced
1 Medium onion -- chopped
1 Small Can Tomato -- Chopped, Optional
1 Pinch salt -- optional
1 Teaspoon chili powder -- (1 to 2)

This can be cooked on the stove or in a crockpot. Put V-8 juice in the pot or crockpot. Now, brown ground beef and add to the juice. You can now add the rest of the ingredients. Cook over simmer heat until the cabbage is done or to the consistency, you like. Stir occasionally. You can serve this over rice and you can also sprinkle with cheese. It is really good.