Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Getting ahead of myself

So, I am continuing to apply to jobs in Phoenix and PA when I find them, but I seem to get ahead of myself on a lot of this stuff. I was worrying this morning about what I would do if I get an offer after my second interview with the PA firm, even though I have a telephone interview with someone in Phoenix on Monday (interview with PA firm is this Friday).

1st -- that would require me to get an offer AT the second interview -- not gonna happen
2nd -- that would be me thinking that the person will think I am as good of a fit for the Phoenix job as I think I am on Monday
3rd -- this is not a problem yet and I am worrying about it

This of course is similar to my problem with R -- already worried that he is going to have a speech delay like L and trying to figure out how to do therapy for two kids. Or the house -- listing it before I have a solid job offer anywhere. Or pretty much anything in my life. I am a planner, and make myself crazy planning 10 years down the line. B on the other hand is a sit back and wait-er. It leads to lots of conflict, let me tell you.

So, here is to doing nothing for the next 5 days or so. Seeing how the interview goes on Friday. Talking to the person on Monday about Phoenix and trying my best to keep busy at my current job because HELLO -- I need it to pay the bills until all the chips fall where they may.

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nicole said...

I didn't know you set up a phone interview. That's great! Hopefully between Friday and Monday your problems will consist of too many good things to choose from!