Thursday, February 14, 2008

Seeing things

I know I must be seeing things.

I got out of the shower yesterday morning and got on the scale and it revealed that I am now BELOW what I weighed pre-L. I know that just isn't possible.

Although the fact that I haven't eaten in more than a month leads me to believe that I really could have dropped about 20lbs in the last few weeks. B has lost 10lbs in the last week. Who knows how much L has lost, esp considering I still can't get that kid to eat much of anything.

R -- well he seems to be hell bent on being the largest 1 year old - both in height and weight - to ever been seen in our pediatricians office. I can't finish a pair of longies for the kid anymore without putting an extra half inch in the inseam to make sure they will actually fit in another week.

Happy Valentine's Day to all!


nicole said...

Does that mean you will start trying for #3 now? Wasn't that the deal for #2??? =)

MomSmoo said...

No -- there will be no #3 anytime soon. Job hunt/moving is going to keep me busy enough for the next few months. IUD is still securely in place.

KatieG said...

thanks for my starbucks card! my secret valentine!! :)