Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Update... what update

Oh, you want to hear about my interview on Friday and my phone interview on Monday. You know, since I was all stressed out about what do I do if they offer me a position on Friday and I still have this thing on Monday. Oh what to do, what to do ....

Yeah, silly me.

Interview Friday went well. I spent about 8 hours in the car, what with the biggest storm the Northeast has had this year and all, and 3 hours in the interview. But alas, no offer was forthcoming. They apparently have more second interviews scheduled the first week of March and while I wanted to scream -- come on people -- I drove here in a snow storm, that shows dedication. You guys obviously like me enough to talk to me for three hours this time and an hour and a half last time so lets stop pissing around and just offer me a damn job already -- I thought that may be pushing my luck.

My Monday telephone interview didn't happen. No clue what is going on there, but never got a confirmation from him and I am still waiting to hear back, so that ship may have sailed already.

And just because life needs to be a bit more interesting, my wonderful, love him to death boss, went all cryptic on me yesterday and said something about moving and telecommuting and "well, we will just see..." WHAT?????!!!! Are you kidding me. My freak-out-ometer is at an all time high now and I just want answers.

So there people is your damn update. Now my panties are all in a twist again and I am stressy. Off to re-caffienate myself since that will be oh so calming and all.

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nicole said...

I better be in the top 5 to hear what the heck is going on over there! And tomorrow is the phone call out west, right? Keep us posted.