Monday, February 25, 2008

Returning to Chuck E. Cheese

B wanted to take the boys to Chuck E Cheese this weekend. I thought he was nuts, remembering the juggle of 5 kids by myself when I took my nieces and the boys in September. But as usual I caved in and we took off for Chuck E. Cheese.

OMG -- it was GREAT. L is so well behaved, loved playing a lot of the games, won a load of tickets (he is the KING of random point games) and loved riding all the cars, merry go round and slides they had. R had a great time toddling around, liked to play in the toddler area, ride some of the rides, especially the seat that goes around in a circle (if you have been there you know what I am talking about) and was facinated by the lights and sounds of ski-ball. Mommy however is losing her touch as ski-ball.

No broken wrist this time either, although I did notice that I still have a huge lump on my wrist where I hurt it before.

Anyways, boys were exhausted after 3 hours there, but the night flew by and we all had a total blast. I just can't wait to take them back and cash in our 648 tickets (give or take the few hundred more that B and L will win).

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nicole said...

I'm glad you decided to go. I'm even more glad you had so much fun. Next hopefully B won't have to beg and try to convince you so much!