Thursday, February 21, 2008

a bit busy

I have a new hobby that I just love. B would even say I am a bit addicted to it, but when the results look like this on your baby.... well how can you not be addicted.

I need more project ideas though. At the rate I am going, R is going to have more longies and soakers then he will be able to wear. I think he currently has 9 pairs of longies (4 that I have made, 2 my parents bought and the rest were trades for other covers) and 5 soakers (those are similar to what I have pictured, but without legs and will be used in the summer in our house). The only thing saving me right now is knowing that I can do shorts too!
Not to mention the close to 30 skeins of wool yarn I have currently packed away in a box, but that are screaming my name. And the million and one skeins of yarn I see and drool over every stinking day! (ask N -- she probably gets about 10 links from me a day to different yarns that I just love!).
How does one break an addiction to making something? Why can't I make knitting/crocheting my full time job? (other than the fact that is most certainly will not pay the bills!)


nicole said...

What about hats or caps? You can do bags too. And yes, it wouldn't work as a full time job for you...but how do I get good enough, fast enough to make it a job for me??? =) I love them all and adore the yarns!

MomSmoo said...

Learn to crochet! That might require another trip so we can work on it together.