Thursday, February 28, 2008

when did that happen

R eats with a fork now
L will tell you a story about his day, expresses preferences and asks to call his grandmother
R gained 2 lbs in as many weeks
L grew yet another inch seemingly overnight
R has a preference to beef -- ground beef, sliced beef, doesn't matter
L has a favorite book
R refuses his nighttime bottle several times a week and still sleeps through the night
L thinks his new wake up time is 630 in the morning
R will mix it up with L now
L is temper tantruming like a proper 2 year old.

My babies are becoming little boys and I don't like it.


Jaclyn Michele said...

You give me so much hope! ;o)

nicole said...

I love all the things they are doing! I wish I could see them (and you) on a regular basis so I can experience it too. Although, I don't think I want mine waking up at 6:30. I like 9am just fine!