Wednesday, February 27, 2008

what would have been great

You know what would have been great? What would have been great is if I didn't have to work until 1 in the morning last night. Walk in the house that look like a tornado ripped through the kitchen to find dirty dishes in the sink and the clean dishes still sitting in the dishwasher.

What also would have been great is if L didn't wake up when I walked in the door at 130 in the morning and then proceeded to sleep like ass the rest of the night and wanted to be up at 620 in the morning -- just over 4 hours after I crawled into bed. Also would have been great if B didn't hit snooze a GAZILLION times every freaking morning, so while I am still in bed I really get woken up at 4:00, 4:07; 4:14. 4:21....... until he finally rolls his ass outta bed at 6!!!!

What also would have been great is if all the work that I left at the office would have magically transported home overnight so I could stay here and still get that work done instead of something else significantly more boring.

And finally what else would have been great -- if I had gotten a job offer from someone/ANYONE and been able to tell the co-irker off yesterday when he was being a royal pain in the ass yet again.

Alas, none of that happened and I am in quite a mood today.

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