Monday, April 30, 2007

I weigh WHAT???

160 is the answer! Yippee.

I know that probably sounds a little high to some of you, but at 5'10'', 160 is wonderful. I was 155 when I got pregnant with R. 145 when I got pregnant with L and I haven't seen 160 for months and months.

Granted, I haven't eaten yet today and I am probably realistically 165, but when I got on the scale I was just saying a little prayer to be below 170, so....

Now if only my hips would return to their rightful location maybe I could actually wear some of my clothing (pre-pg clothing that is).

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Mother of the Year

Well, I certainly qualify this year...

1) can not seem to remember to take the diaper bag with me when I take the boys out. So L got to sit in a dirty diaper today while I nursed R and then bought diapers and wipes. Dirty butt or screaming hungry newborn -- sorry L, you lose there.

2) go to the park and forget to put sunblock on L and apparently don't OWN a hat for R to block the sun. Oh forget L's hat too! (the nanny's at the park thought I was quite a winner).

3) Pinch L's arm between his car seat and the infant carrier EVERY DAMN TIME. (this was solved yesterday when we bought a minivan).

4) L's last 2 meals -- chicken fingers, french fries and lemonade. Oh so stinking healthy!

5) L's had more donuts in the last week then I care to count. Grandparents visited and Mommy decided not to pick a fight with Daddy's breakfast choices.

Sign me right up. Don't you agree -- I totally qualify!

Saturday, April 14, 2007


I am beyond...

Beyond tired, beyond annoyed, beyond frustrated, just BEYOND.

R is back to sleeping for only an hour and a half to two hours day and night. B is totally unhelpful and seems uninterested in R and we don't see eye to eye on discipling L. And most frustrating is we have a terror of a Jack Russell who has somehow decided that the entire house is her giant potty. This is all with her having a doggie door and the ability to let herself out at any time. So the peeing and pooping in the house is just beyond explanation.

So again... I am beyond.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007


R is getting better. No more goopy eyes. Sleeping for longer stretches and nursing like a champ.

Things with B and I are better. Long talk about how we divide chores, discipling the kids (right now our methods are very different, but it seems like we are on the same page now), etc. Drive back from PA was actually pleasant.

However... I have come to the realization that something happened between my parents and B while I was in the hospital with R. My dad was down right nasty to B this weekend and I found out from a neighbor that my dad was complaining about B to her (which infuriates me to no end). So, I talked to my parents about how they were treating B this weekend and now need to talk to my dad about what he said to the neighbor and the fact that he is airing OUR dirty laundry to my entire neighborhood. How do you make THAT better? B seems almost oblivious to it, but I am most certainly not.

Oh and B has no idea my dad was talking about him behind his back. I don't tell B about that, right??? I am not a big secret keeper, so this is weird to me.

Friday, April 6, 2007

Good God ...

...R is sick. Please tell me this is a cruel joke. L is out of daycare and finally on the mend (when should I expect the kennel cough and runny nose to finally clear though.... he hasn't seen the inside of the plague ridden daycare in 2 weeks yet is still freaking snotty) and the baby gets sick??? I almost posted last night that for 2 nights in a row R has slept at least one time for a 5 hour stretch, but I thought I would just jinx myself.

Apparently, I am not allowed to think it either.

And of course we aren't home. I called the pedi last night and her suggestion... go to the hospital.... for a goopy eye!! Here I called just to reassure my sister that it could wait until Monday. OOPS. Now I am a bit freaked out (hello... is my delay BLINDING my son??). After some convincing, my sisters family practice will see R at 2:20 today. UUGH.

I am sure he will end up with antibiotics, which will give him thrush, which will give ME thrush... Oh the joys of motherhood.

Did I mention though that I am a cow too?? I wanted to make sure I have more frozen expressed milk when I returned to work (with L, I had close to 300 oz frozen and that was gone after one business trip!) so I have been purposely keeping myself overproducing. At 3 weeks old, I already have close to 100 oz expressed. Unfortunely 35 of them are in VA and won't be good for the trip back to NY, but hey, if my sister ever kidnaps my kids they now have BM here.


Tuesday, April 3, 2007

The exhaustion level = the unknown

I have now reached a level of thorough exhaustion previously unknown to me. That is saying a lot for someone who has worked over 100 hours in 6 days while commuting an hour each way too and then headed off to a week long hearing where I needed to be "ON" all day long while only getting 2-3 hours of sleep a night. No amount of work has prepared me for the mind numbing exhaustion that comes with keeping a 16 month old entertained while caring for a newborn. It is truly unreal. Although it is finally making sense to me why woman like to be SAHMs! I am getting the hang of it and really enjoying my time with L especially.

B and I have always agreed that it is basically pointless for him to get up at night with the kids because while I am nursing there isn't much he can do (yes, he can change a diaper, but hello, I am awake already, so I would rather do it then fight to get him up), but I find myself praying every night that my husband starts to lactate. Weird... YES, but that is what the exhaustion will do to you.

I am giving myself until a month and then I plan to have B give R a bottle of expressed milk every morning when he gets up at 6ish if R hasn't started sleeping more than 2 hours at a shot. B is a morning person and I NEED a nice block of 4 hours of sleep so that I am ready to deal with L all day long. That is my plan... now just to sell B on it.

Add to that, B and I are having "division of labor" issues (ie -- I am "home" all day, so I should do everything and he should be able to relax when he gets home. Somehow the man has figured out that being a temporary SAHM to a 16m old and a newborn is the same as eating bon bons all day, right??). That has already been slated as our return to NY conversation after Easter. Oh goodie! At least having 2 kids in the car will force us to keep it civil, right?