Tuesday, April 10, 2007


R is getting better. No more goopy eyes. Sleeping for longer stretches and nursing like a champ.

Things with B and I are better. Long talk about how we divide chores, discipling the kids (right now our methods are very different, but it seems like we are on the same page now), etc. Drive back from PA was actually pleasant.

However... I have come to the realization that something happened between my parents and B while I was in the hospital with R. My dad was down right nasty to B this weekend and I found out from a neighbor that my dad was complaining about B to her (which infuriates me to no end). So, I talked to my parents about how they were treating B this weekend and now need to talk to my dad about what he said to the neighbor and the fact that he is airing OUR dirty laundry to my entire neighborhood. How do you make THAT better? B seems almost oblivious to it, but I am most certainly not.

Oh and B has no idea my dad was talking about him behind his back. I don't tell B about that, right??? I am not a big secret keeper, so this is weird to me.

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