Friday, April 6, 2007

Good God ...

...R is sick. Please tell me this is a cruel joke. L is out of daycare and finally on the mend (when should I expect the kennel cough and runny nose to finally clear though.... he hasn't seen the inside of the plague ridden daycare in 2 weeks yet is still freaking snotty) and the baby gets sick??? I almost posted last night that for 2 nights in a row R has slept at least one time for a 5 hour stretch, but I thought I would just jinx myself.

Apparently, I am not allowed to think it either.

And of course we aren't home. I called the pedi last night and her suggestion... go to the hospital.... for a goopy eye!! Here I called just to reassure my sister that it could wait until Monday. OOPS. Now I am a bit freaked out (hello... is my delay BLINDING my son??). After some convincing, my sisters family practice will see R at 2:20 today. UUGH.

I am sure he will end up with antibiotics, which will give him thrush, which will give ME thrush... Oh the joys of motherhood.

Did I mention though that I am a cow too?? I wanted to make sure I have more frozen expressed milk when I returned to work (with L, I had close to 300 oz frozen and that was gone after one business trip!) so I have been purposely keeping myself overproducing. At 3 weeks old, I already have close to 100 oz expressed. Unfortunely 35 of them are in VA and won't be good for the trip back to NY, but hey, if my sister ever kidnaps my kids they now have BM here.


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