Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Mother of the Year

Well, I certainly qualify this year...

1) can not seem to remember to take the diaper bag with me when I take the boys out. So L got to sit in a dirty diaper today while I nursed R and then bought diapers and wipes. Dirty butt or screaming hungry newborn -- sorry L, you lose there.

2) go to the park and forget to put sunblock on L and apparently don't OWN a hat for R to block the sun. Oh forget L's hat too! (the nanny's at the park thought I was quite a winner).

3) Pinch L's arm between his car seat and the infant carrier EVERY DAMN TIME. (this was solved yesterday when we bought a minivan).

4) L's last 2 meals -- chicken fingers, french fries and lemonade. Oh so stinking healthy!

5) L's had more donuts in the last week then I care to count. Grandparents visited and Mommy decided not to pick a fight with Daddy's breakfast choices.

Sign me right up. Don't you agree -- I totally qualify!

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Leeann said...

Well, I'll scoot over and you can sit on the bench with me. But you know what? Your kids are healthy, fed, changed (eventually) and played with at the park. There is a lot of good there too. When things get overwhelming, try to remember that and take some deep breaths!