Wednesday, May 13, 2009

into the swing

There are so many times when I think I need to come here and update... today I just happen to have the time.

This morning I learned that R can puke into a trash can and toilet and will find me when he needs to throw up again. I think that is something I could have lived without knowing for a while longer.

R and L have both been relatively healthy since out bout of the plague in January and February of this year, so this bout of whatever it is that R has is both reminiscent of that and annoying. Last week the child had horrid diarrhea, extreme energy and spent a week home with mommy or daddy.

When I saw solid poop on Saturday, I did a little dance and thought we were finally over it. So last night when he started puking again, it came as a bit of a surprise.

Could this really be a stomach bug as a result of a suppressed immune system (fighting off the virus from last week?) or do I need to start looking at food allergies?

Saturday, March 28, 2009

taking after mom...

When both the boys were born everyone marveled at how much they looked like B. Truly it was frightening and people who hadn't seen L in person asked if we photoshopped pictures of him using B. LOL -- obviously these are people who haven't ever had kids and have no idea what the sleep deprived early days are like.

Now -- both the boys are starting to take after me. L has my body time. Very long and lean. He actually weighs less then R now but is a good 4 inches taller. He has huge blue eyes with a similar shape to my large brown ones. Everyone who sees pictures of him now tell me how much he looks like me.

R -- well he has always had my brown eyes, but that is about where the similarities ended. After his 2 year appointment it was obvious he still has B's body type. However, he decided to follow in my footsteps in another way. He has RAGING seasonal allergies. The poor dude lives with swollen, crusty eyes. Claritin is doing nothing to combat this. It didn't do anything for me and I used to have to get weekly allergy shots. I really don't want him to end up ther. Although -- do they even do that anymore.

I just continue to hope they decide not to inherit my sight. It is BAD. It would be much better for them to have B's better then perfect vision any day.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Well a week ago

my baby turned 2! And I didn't blog about it.

Seriously, what is wrong with me.

I am starting to think that this new job - which is of course not at all new anymore - isn't going to permit me to keep this thing going. But until I throw in the towel, I am going to try.

So my baby is two. I didn't even have the party... my sister hosted it. My sister also did the cake. It was a dump truck theme. It was adorable. I have pictures, but I am too dang lazy to go hunting for them right now. Wow, what a rock star mommy I am.

Oh and I haven't even come close to getting him 2 year pictures. At least his daddy finally got his hair cut this past weekend so he doesn't look like a floppy mop.

So what did I do... I thought a lot about his labor and how beautiful it was. We went to Chuck E. Cheese on his actual birthday and I yelled at a kid who pushed R down a flight of stairs, but other than that... I didn't do much.

Luckily spring is on the horizon and I am going to have the kids alone most Saturdays. I am looking forward to hanging out with my boys.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Potty training, part 2

So, we have been working on potty training R. He will sit on the potty and actually seems to have fun sitting on the potty. We have been using the same bribing stragegy that worked with L -- M&Ms. Well it clicked on Saturday and he finally peed on the potty.

Today we caught poop on the potty. Yeah -- a lot of it means watching for him to show us the signs, but at the pee was all on him.

I can't even tell you how much I am looking forward to him being potty trained. I am done done done with diapers. Especially after this last round of diarrhea where cloth diapers became a dreaded thing to deal with (first time I felt that way).

L was potty trained at 26-28 months. R better follow in those footsteps.

Snowy, snowy, snow

It snowed today.

It actually wasn't as much snow as they were predicting. It was one of the weirdest snow storms I have seen in a while. Snowed a bit Sunday morning, then was supposed to start snowing late Sunday... dusting came first thing in the morning. There wasn't even snow on the grass at 6am.

Then all hell broke lose and school was closed within 2 hours and we had at least 4 inches.

L and I had a BLAST shoveling the driveway. This time it wasn't heavy crap either, so we moved it without too much trouble.

R -- yeah, he is still not much of a snow/cold weather guy. He spent about 15 seconds in the snow before losing his mind and starting to cry. He is so my kid!

I had my camera all ready... but alas... no pictures were taken. Is it bad that I am hoping for another snow so I can get some pictures of both of them in the snow before the winter is over. Not to mention... I am really starting to like the days alone with the boys.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

It's March

How the hell is it March already. March 2009... Seriously, wasn't it just November of 2005 and I was still pregnant with L?

March means R has a birthday coming up. In fact it is in 2 weeks -- I have picked the date and let some people know, but done NOTHING other than that. I am such a kiss ass party planner, let me tell you. W offered to do the invitations for me... I probably should have taken her up on it, but I know her work has pretty much doubled overnight due to some layoffs at her company.

The good thing with it being his second birthday. That means no presents from Mommy and Daddy and just a nice infusion of cash into his bank account. Until he can start asking for a present, he isn't getting one because my house already looks like Toys R Us threw up inside.

To add to the stress of having a party... I have a deadline every single day for the next 18 days. Only reason I don't have anything on the 19th is because I cleared my calendar so I can go hang out with some former co-workers on the first day of the NCAA tournament.

Don't remember my obsession with that party? I had myself convinced I could spend 2 hours on a train to attend the party in 2007 when in active labor with R. I gave birth that night. Good thing I just didn't want to shower that day because that was the only reason I didn't try to go to the party.

Regardless... welcome March. You came in like a lion. Can't wait to see the lamb side of this month...

Friday, February 20, 2009

Catching up

I know -- been a while right. You see there was this little thing about preparing for a week away in Phoenix, making the trip and dealing the aftermath in my kids.

My last 6 weeks have felt a lot like this -- 2 kids sick...

Don't let R's smile fool you, they have been sick, although L seems to be taking the brunt of the vomitting (you know, because he can afford to lose the weight and all -- NOT!).

So excuse me while I bleach the daylights out of my house -- AGAIN. There has to be a way to kill this, no? Maybe it will even be warm enough to air out the house too this weekend.