Saturday, March 28, 2009

taking after mom...

When both the boys were born everyone marveled at how much they looked like B. Truly it was frightening and people who hadn't seen L in person asked if we photoshopped pictures of him using B. LOL -- obviously these are people who haven't ever had kids and have no idea what the sleep deprived early days are like.

Now -- both the boys are starting to take after me. L has my body time. Very long and lean. He actually weighs less then R now but is a good 4 inches taller. He has huge blue eyes with a similar shape to my large brown ones. Everyone who sees pictures of him now tell me how much he looks like me.

R -- well he has always had my brown eyes, but that is about where the similarities ended. After his 2 year appointment it was obvious he still has B's body type. However, he decided to follow in my footsteps in another way. He has RAGING seasonal allergies. The poor dude lives with swollen, crusty eyes. Claritin is doing nothing to combat this. It didn't do anything for me and I used to have to get weekly allergy shots. I really don't want him to end up ther. Although -- do they even do that anymore.

I just continue to hope they decide not to inherit my sight. It is BAD. It would be much better for them to have B's better then perfect vision any day.

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