Sunday, March 1, 2009

It's March

How the hell is it March already. March 2009... Seriously, wasn't it just November of 2005 and I was still pregnant with L?

March means R has a birthday coming up. In fact it is in 2 weeks -- I have picked the date and let some people know, but done NOTHING other than that. I am such a kiss ass party planner, let me tell you. W offered to do the invitations for me... I probably should have taken her up on it, but I know her work has pretty much doubled overnight due to some layoffs at her company.

The good thing with it being his second birthday. That means no presents from Mommy and Daddy and just a nice infusion of cash into his bank account. Until he can start asking for a present, he isn't getting one because my house already looks like Toys R Us threw up inside.

To add to the stress of having a party... I have a deadline every single day for the next 18 days. Only reason I don't have anything on the 19th is because I cleared my calendar so I can go hang out with some former co-workers on the first day of the NCAA tournament.

Don't remember my obsession with that party? I had myself convinced I could spend 2 hours on a train to attend the party in 2007 when in active labor with R. I gave birth that night. Good thing I just didn't want to shower that day because that was the only reason I didn't try to go to the party.

Regardless... welcome March. You came in like a lion. Can't wait to see the lamb side of this month...


nicole said...

Sounds like another busy month. I hope you're able to get through it and that more importantly, everyone stays healthy. Is there anything I can do for the party??? What's the theme?

mamaC said...

Seriously, it isnt a big deal! Hand it over missy! ;)
You seem to forget that I thrive and relish in any opportunity to PLAN something! LMAO