Monday, March 2, 2009

Snowy, snowy, snow

It snowed today.

It actually wasn't as much snow as they were predicting. It was one of the weirdest snow storms I have seen in a while. Snowed a bit Sunday morning, then was supposed to start snowing late Sunday... dusting came first thing in the morning. There wasn't even snow on the grass at 6am.

Then all hell broke lose and school was closed within 2 hours and we had at least 4 inches.

L and I had a BLAST shoveling the driveway. This time it wasn't heavy crap either, so we moved it without too much trouble.

R -- yeah, he is still not much of a snow/cold weather guy. He spent about 15 seconds in the snow before losing his mind and starting to cry. He is so my kid!

I had my camera all ready... but alas... no pictures were taken. Is it bad that I am hoping for another snow so I can get some pictures of both of them in the snow before the winter is over. Not to mention... I am really starting to like the days alone with the boys.

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