Tuesday, February 19, 2008

My crappy weekend

L’s therapy
Run to BJs, CVS, the bank and the post office
Out to dinner with B and the boys

Start working on the basement as soon as R goes down for his morning nap -- B getting work truck
B takes L upstairs to play
Work on basement until noonish
Fight with B
Both boys go down for naps
B and I both work in the basement
Start loading stuff onto the truck
Run to Home Depot for paint and then out to dinner at China Buffet (bleck, yuck, hate it!!!)
Home and boys to bed

B paints the basement, I take the boys to Carters for shopping
Stop at storage unit to rent it -- CLOSED
Stop at second storage unit at boys lunch time -- rent unit while trying to keep kids from scalding selves on hot water
Go home, feed boys
Boys take naps
Finish loading entire basement bedroom in truck -- just B and I
Relax for a bit while boys finish naps
B gets antsy and decides to go to storage unit and start unloading
B calls (wakes boys) to say he can’t get in
Proceed to FREAK
I call customer service of Storage Delux (the storage company) only to be told flat out “not our problem, we only reserve units”. BTW -- that was Don who told me that, not once, not twice, but THREE times! Hate Storage Delux
Get boys up and load in the car, head to meet B.
Finally decide that storage unit isn’t going to work (we get in as someone is leaving and find that storage unit is NOT on the outside like I asked REPETITIVELY, but through multiple hallways -- screw this), have B come home
Unload truck while L plays in the truck and R screams in his exersaucer
Hate B, B hates me, 2+ days of busting our behinds and not a thing is done in our house. House looks much much worse then before

Can’t clean basement now because there is no room to even walk (don't know how I will be working from home at all either)
Decide that I will go to work -- nothing else to do and the Wife if there
Go to "I suck Storage Delux" to cancel contract -- woman there keeps telling me that *I* misunderstood -- makes me batshit crazy
Cancel contract
Talk to realtor who suggests we don’t list house until we have moved out and see if we can swing mortgage and rent in new location. Get the word from her that in fact the entire living room needs demo’d. Need to figure out where to live for 2+ weeks during that mess.
Tell B this -- he hates the idea
Drive to NYC to work
Work for a few hours
Drive home
Stop at Target to spend gift card -- finally find baskets for R’s room to make it look a bit more organized
Freak the hell out because one long weekend, nothing done, more decisions to be made and feel like it is all on my shoulders (since it depends on my getting a job, etc.)

Post on my blog because what the hell else ya gonna do, right? Anyone want to buy a house in the NYC burbs? At this point I will just sell it for cost!


Type (little) a said...

Sure, I'll buy it. Assuming it's in my state. :-)

Sorry about the weekend. Just think, you could have gotten nothing done, and DONE NOTHING.

You must remember that for next time.

-Bailey said...

Repeat to yourself..
I am so glad I do not work in the thermometer quality control department at Johnson & Johnson