Friday, February 15, 2008

It can be done

B and I were discussing with N and her hubby (TC) our respective grocery bills. I think N and TC just about had a heart attack when we said that we spend about $1000 a month on groceries.

We realized that $1000 might be a bit of a stretch - because that includes all diapers and wipes and anything "extra" we buy at BJs, but for the most part we spend $400 a month or more at BJs and $200 a week on groceries for the 4 of us.

Granted L is a pig, B eats about as much as 3 people and that includes us packing our lunches at least 3 times a week because buying lunch in NYC is hellish.

This week -- I stuck to the list and only spent $160. We didn't even go grocery shopping last week. I have a few more things to get that will easily run me another $40 (milk for everyone, bread and a few more green things that I can't get at BJs), but $200 in two weeks is GREAT for us.

Now, give me your tips for spending even less. Our small organic grocer is cheaper then the chain, so we buy all fruits and veggies there for cheap. I am no longer buying prepared meals and I am going to try cooking on the weekends, etc. But I need more ideas on how to be frugal in this area.

B and I WILL be out of debt before we move -- or at least that is the goal. We are getting so close that it is getting more and more real after each paycheck.


nicole said...

I'm so impressed! I really did almost fall over when you told me how much you spend, but I'm super impressed about your current bills. I wish I had more advice for you. Luckily here we have 4 different grocery chains nearby, two different bulk stores like BJs and two or three different whole foods markets. We have lots of options and even more ads for sale items.

Kirsten said...

Dude, I am so incredibly cheap about groceries it is not even funny. I LOVE grocery shopping, I am also a freak. I go to the super discount store where I can still find lots of organic stuff. Our trick is to not purchase processed foods. Pretty much all of our food is stuff that we make. We love Omega 3 organic eggs and whole wheat toast for breakie instead of cereal. I make homemade soups once a week for our lunches and buy natural chicken breasts in the family packs that I break up and freeze meal servings of for dinners with lots of veggies and brown rice. Our nasty Starbucks habit is the toughest to break, but we bought some good beans and are about to give it a go.