Tuesday, February 5, 2008

They are certainly brothers

The boys had a little surprise for me this morning. When L woke up and called out for me, I greated him with my standard, "good morning sweetie, did you sleep well?" To which I got the reply -- "ouchies mommy" -- while he chewed on his finger back where his molars would be. Lo and behold his second set of molars have made an appearance -- upper left-hand side. They have done so with little fan fare because I wasn't checking for them and he wasn't showing the normal signs of teething.

That has been R -- chewing on everything and major drooling. So when he woke up, I checked him too and much to my surprise, he also popped a molar sometime through the night, also on his upper left hand side.

I had to put it in the baby books right away, but what are the odds of that happening on the same side at the same time?

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