Monday, June 9, 2008

The crackberry

I have had a blackberry since 2004. I got it back when I was a paralegal and headed to DC for a hearing and it has just been mine ever since. It is the one device that I have NEVER lost and have been quite good at making sure is charged and ready to go. My cell phone -- you have about a 10% chance of catching me on that. My blackberry -- you have a 98% chance of catching me there.

Well I turned it in on Friday. Actually, I didn't turn it in at all -- I got to keep it because it is so old and outdated they didn't want it back, but they did turn the service off of it almost immediately.

Any idea how much it sucks to not have wireless internet OR a blackberry when you have had both for 2 years!

It sucks a LOT!

So, I tried to convince Sprint that after 12 years of being a customer, they would be stupid to not give me a free phone and therefore LOSE a customer. It hasn't worked thus far. I am really thinking it is time to move on though.

I guess that means I am looking for new suggestions as to a service provider. Anyone have any ideas?

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nicole said...

Will Sprint even offer a credit for a new phone after so many years of service? How lame. Try looking for a phone on eBay. That's how Todd got his...just trying to come up with an option...