Thursday, May 29, 2008

Thursday bullet points

Blah, bleck, funk, moody, what ever you want to call it, I am just not a happy camper. So, my bullet points for the day are going to be whiney. I have warned you...

  • moving -- yeah, it sucks.
  • staging a house and then having your cat destroy your new bench seat -- annoying
  • your husband acting as if the destruction of said bench seat is your fault because you know, that was OBVIOUSLY going to happen since the cat hasn't ever put one little pinky claw into the couch ... even more annoying
  • trying to keep your kids entertained and the house clean - completely impossible
  • counting the minutes until your kids nap and then being annoyed because you are bored with work and just want them to wake up -- makes you wonder if Sybil has come a-calling.
  • Trying to draft a settlement agreement seconds before your job ends for a pro bono case that MUST be finished and other attorneys requesting changes -- after 2 months of work -- oh watch my head explode.
  • Getting a call while at Fed Ex trying to get out that settlement agreement that someone is going to come to see your house in 20 minutes and it is a wreck because for once you said screw it, I will just clean tonight. UUGHHH
  • That person -- you know the one that will be there in 20 minutes.... yeah, didn't show up for more than an hour.

I warned you. That was my last 24 hours. If you would like me to go back to Tues I could talk about what an embarassment my kids behavior was when we were in my office. Or I could talk about the fact that I found out someone put in an offer on the house that B and I have declare "THE house" and we can't or won't counter it. Or the fact that I got roped into one more week in the office and I don't have even one full day of work left.

The only positive side to this is there may be a day care the might be able to take both of my boys in the next 2 months so YEAH, the boys might be moving with me instead of staying behind with B!!!! I haven't even broached that subject with B though.


BFF's Hubby said...

Child Protective Services will be notified by your local Arizona Law Enforcement "buddy" if you dare think of leaving the kids with B and journeying ahead without them. The 2nd call will be to your shrink for thinking that was a possibility. Yeah, I said it. Bring it on, my house anytime. Bring the family we've got room. Your whining and my wife would get along well!

MomSmoo said...

That is what B wants!! He doesn't want to live away from the boys and I, but won't move without the dogs.

I kinda want to leave the boys at home with him for 2 weeks since he thinks this SAH gig is so much fun and so easy. Poor man doesn't know.

Dr. J said...

Hang in there! It' hard to see the way out from the Land of the Crazy Times, but I'm sure there's a way.

Good luck selling and buying!