Friday, May 16, 2008

Temper tantrums for 2

R -- my sweet, always happy boy -- has turned the corner. He is learning too much from his brother and now he throws temper tantrum.

Even just a stern No gets him started with the tears and screaming. And of course a normal no is greated with a big smile over his shoulder and a giggle. Even a light flick on his hands is greated with such horrid screams that the neighbors much think I am beating the child senseless (trust me -- the neighbors know he is my Mama's boy and therefore gets away with murder).

I knew that it wouldn't last forever, but this happened entirely too quickly. R is still a baby in my mind and I am not ready for him to mimic his brother with the kicking, screaming fits.

Luckily he has also learned the giggle from his brother too and hearing them laugh together makes all these temper tantrums melt away in my mind.

Well, until the next one.

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