Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Could it be

Could it be that I am actually getting the hang of this working and staying at home with the kids? I don't think I even had to put L in his room for my own sanity reasons yesterday. The whining has decreased and honestly his speech has made such significant leaps in the last 3 weeks that even his speech therapist commented on his inability to just SHUT UP.

Don't get me wrong, I actually kinda miss my job, but this time at home is giving me a new appreciation for both my job and my kids.

This may end up being a more long term thing -- someone SAH that is -- because we are right now attempting to find a daycare for the boys. Apparently where we are moving to has a major shortage of daycare spots -- it sucks.

We will see though. I never explored a small private daycare here in NY and that might be our only option in PA. How do I trust my kids with someone I don't know without much oversight though. At least with The Wife, I shadowed her for a long time and felt like I did know her because of her husband. With daycares, even though it is a germ factory, there is a supervisor there and multiple people.

Keep your fingers crossed that my new firm can pull the appropriate stings and my kids get into the nicest, cleanest, most coveted daycare center. They are a client, so lets all hope that they want to help me out -- especially since I will be representing them in less then a month!

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