Monday, May 12, 2008

Moving on up

Four days of just me and the boys.

On Thursday morning I took the boys to PA to start house hunting. Considering I have a list of more than 40 houses that I like (narrowed down from a list of almost 150 in our price range), I knew I needed to start to slash through them. B wasn't able to make the trip with us, so it was more of a "absolutely can't live here" slashing. And considering one of the houses had such a mold issue that my mom and I were coughing and sneezing for hours afterwards, it actually proved fruitful.

And I have 2 favorite houses. We will see what B thinks this coming weekend.

However, house hunting with my boys -- no fun. L doesn't get that it isn't his house to run though and touch everything and most of the houses we looked at in PA were still quite lived in. It is hard for a 2.5 year old to understand that the playdough table sitting there in the corner is off limits for him. Around noon both days, my parents took the boys back to their house for lunch and naps while I finished up.

Needless to say, the boys were still with me through the weekend while B finished the last of the major fixes in the house and we are now 4 days away from our list date. I keep reminding myself that this final push is IT. After that, we are DONE and just need to stay on top of the cleaning and staging.

Moving is no fun and selling a house is really no fun, but I know in a few months it will all be over and not for nothing in just over a month, it will all be over for me and I will be on my way to a new job.

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