Thursday, May 15, 2008

My buttons -- consider them pushed

Terrible twos... we have all heard that phrase. When L turned two I knew the worst was coming, but it is only a year, right? And we all knew that a lot of the temper tantrums were a result of his inability to communicate with us.

HA. As the days pass, L is getting smarter. He knows the buttons to push and when to push them. He knows when he has gone as far as we are going to allow and magically turns into an angel. Dinner last night was the perfect example of that.

We had couscous for dinner. It is a favorite here and the boys gobble it up. L however, decided to decorate our kitchen with it. Then he followed that with dumping his milk on the table and the floor. Considering this was the third meal with similar dumped drinks and scattered food, I was done with it and he was sent to his room without dinner.

B asked if I planned on giving him a second chance (we never haven't given him a second chance). He got a stern talking to by B and surprisingly it was the most enjoyable meal we have had in more than a week.

He then finished dinner by getting down and running full speed at me with his arms spread to give me hugs and kisses.

Where that sweet boys was most of the day is anyones guess. Amazing the patience I have devoloped in 3 short weeks.


crazy beautiful mom! said...

I hate to say it but with my daughter 3 was worse than 2! haha...all kids are different I guess...oh by the way I added you to my blog roll, I saw you on CafeMom!

MomSmoo said...

That is my fear -- EVERYONE tells me that 2s are just the warm up for the 3s. UUGHH. And when I have a 3 year old I will also have a 2 year old. I am bound to lose my mind.

My sister's spacing of kids is making more sence though (16 month apart and 5 years between #1 and #3)