Thursday, May 8, 2008

We Interrupt This Program...

I don't know about you, but I was tired of reading about Mama needing a break. I decided to do something about it. I hacked in (with some help of course) and decided to write myself. It pays to know people in high places.

Just teasing. MomSmoo asked if I (the friend, N, from Arizona) would be a guest blogger today. I thought she was kidding. She had to be kidding. What on earth could I write about that would be entertaining for anyone?

I asked for topic ideas, and she decided I needed to write about my upcoming trip. So here it goes.

Hubby (T) and I are leaving for Seattle tomorrow. We board a cruise ship on Sunday and are sailing to Alaska for seven days. And here's the best part...we're leaving the kids at home. Yahoo!

The last few days have been compiled of making lists for me, lists for T and lists for the kids. We're leaving the kids with my in-laws and to say Grandma wants some serious lists of information is an understatement! It's taken me more than a week just to gather all the necessary information. Then another four days to get that information "approved."

I left Medical information and medical consent forms, medical cards and immunization cards, directions to the grocery store, directions to the gas station (she passes both of these each week when she comes to our house!), my sisters name and numbers, my neighbors names and numbers, an additional emergency number in case my sister and neighbor aren't around, closest urgent care, closest hospital, directions to their pediatrician, daily schedules, lists of foods they will eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner, directions to make said foods, I wrote out their nightly prayer, directions on how to clean the basement and all their toys, how to brush their teeth, how to feed the dog, how to do laundry, our itinerary, my cell phone number, T's cell phone number and the cell phone numbers of the six other people we are traveling with.

Are you kidding me?

She needs to know how to brush the kids' teeth? Or how to feed the dog and do laundry? That's just so crazy. But, I did it. I wrote it all out and then some. I wrote 15 pages worth of typed information.

Did you read that? 15 pages! Fifteen pages for 9 days away. It went through several revisions but it's done. It got done at 7:30 this morning. I finally got my kids taken care of. The kids that are staying behind.

Since then I've gotten to go grocery shopping so the kids have food in the house, taken a pack n play to my sister because the kids are staying with her for two of the days, done more of the kids' laundry and still haven't packed.

So now I am sitting on my bed, writing a guest post for my best friends blog, amid a sea of clothes I can't possibly fit into the suitcase I'd like to take, avoiding the fact that we leave in 13 hours. I have to pack my clothes, pack all the other necessary items for taking a vacation, do two more loads of laundry so T can pack, clean two bathrooms and make dinner. No problem,

With that said, back to your regularly scheduled program!

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