Wednesday, May 21, 2008

why oh why

Don't I write anything and then save it... for a time when I am going bat shit crazy trying to do more than is really humanly possible.

We found a house to live in in PA! YEAH for that. Booo for the fact that unless I want to play russian roullete with carrying two mortgages (which some dumbass just actually approved me for! WHAT??? I thought mortgages were supposed to be HARD to get. Of course there is a contingent for approval. Only about $75,000 in cash at closing. Trust me -- if we have that minue 2 zeros at closing, I will be thrilled right now!), I gotta sell this house first.

The listing goes up today and the broker's open house is tomorrow.

Yep TOMORROW. All those -- well this can wait until it is ready to be shown is now 24 hours away (actually, it is now like 17 hours away, but hey who is counting.)

If this doesn't end up driving me to drink -- heavily at that -- I don't know what would.

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