Monday, May 5, 2008

Mama needs a break

This morning, I got up at my normal time and got ready for work. I put makeup on, did my hair and headed out the door to catch the train -- an HOUR early. It is truly amazing how excited one can be to go to work when the alternative is staying home with 2 kids who seem to hate the change in their lives.

Granted L is clingy and whiney and it is likely because there is so so so much going on around us. We have been changing around the clothing placement in his room, all of his books are gone, there is next to no furniture in the living room and all of his toys have been moved to the basement. I continue to take him and his brother to the new "play room" and they don't seem to like being locked into the one room. Luckily this coming week is supposed to be nice and not gross, rainy and cold, so we may be able to get out of the house.

Add to that, L is missing his favorite dog. Sonny finally was put down on Wednesday evening, 2 days after he snapped at one of the other dogs and the same day as he barked for 3 hours consecutively at nothing at all. To say all signs flashed neon that he had a brain tumor is the understatement, but it was still hard to make the final decision.

But the fact remains that I have been counting down to today since B told me he took Monday off and I was going to be able to come to work. Who knew that I would actually look forward to seeing the co-irker even.

Now, it is time for me to put in a nice long 14-16 hour day so I have some more wiggle room this week as far as when I have to bill time. At least I will be in bed before 2 am today though.

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mamaC said...

Let me tell you, I am not happy about this lack of blogging that is going on. You were my daily dose of entertainment and I am lost without it! ;) Guess I will have to actually do work now!