Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Just typing that word out makes me giggle. And before you think I am making fun of N or Dy, let me tell you that I asked if it was ok to write about this....

While we were visiting N and her family, it became apparently the Dy is in the throws of the terrible twos. Everything she did is completely normal, age appropriate, expected and L is starting to do the same things so it was a preview of sorts for B and I, but the one thing that she did that made it almost impossible to not laugh at was use the word NEVER.

It apparently started as No Daddy NEVER, when TC went to change her one morning. She is a Mama's girl through and through and only wanted Mommy. I guess N found it hilarious and I quite honestly did too when I heard about.

However, a few days later when we arrived, it quickly became Dy's #1 phrase -- whether it was No Mommy NEVER when N wanted her to eat or clean up or get dressed or it was No L NEVER when L wanted a toy (L and Dy are both not so good at the sharing thing, but at least Dy is honest about it. L just grabs and runs -- although after getting his behind beaten into the ground by Dy, maybe he was just smart!)

I know I made it much harder too because I couldn't help but giggle when she did it either. Although I did get control of myself after about 2 or 3 days and N was able to start cracking down on the frequent use of the word never (seriously, how can you discipline a kid who is getting giggles as the result of what she is saying! Sorry N and TC -- I was bad there).

By the end of our trip, when Dy would use the word NEVER! the entire room would fall silent and Dy would be marched off for a timeout.

I don't want to leave the lasting impression that Dy is a brat or anything. It was actually quite cute how emphatic she was when she used it and it is nice to see that she isn't going to be a shrinking violet to others. She has her mom and dad's stubbornness in her -- much like L does -- and it will serve her well in the future.

In the meantime, N, hopefully you have all the patience in the world and I will be counting on you in 2 months or so to guide me through L's terrible twos.


nicole said...

I am happy to report that Dy only got time out once on Sunday and NEVER yesterday! Hopefully that ugly spell is broken.

MomSmoo said...

Hey -- timeout for you for using that word!