Monday, January 14, 2008

Hilton Hotels... where you should stay

Well after the whole fight with Travelocity -- more than a week, 6 calls and no results, I am thrilled to announce that Hilton Hotels has refunded the almost $200 in charges that resulted from Travelocity's utter incompetence.

To say I am now a fan of the Hilton Hotel chain is an understatement. There was no nasty comments, no talking over me, no utter disregard for what I was saying (hello Travelocity -- I told you 100 times I DID NOT STAY IN THE HOTEL THAT NIGHT!!!), Hilton listened and did what should have been done from day one. Refunded the charges.

Thank you Hilton. Now I hope every single person that reads this will stay with you for at least one night because, not only do you have wonderful customer service, but your hotel and especially the bed, was so nice and squishy that I look forward to going back there for more interviews!!

And I promise no more travel woes for us for ... oh about a week. We are off to Phoenix on Saturday which of couse means we will run into some travel crisis....

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nicole said...

We're hoping for no travel crises on your trip to Phoenix. That way, you'll be more than willing to come back!