Monday, January 7, 2008

Oh the holidays....

You know what would suck… what would suck is if you planned to travel a lot over the holidays because your family is located in 4 different states and in two different regions of the US.

And what would suck even more is if you were on a flight to middle-America with your two small children after weathering a 4 hours delay and all of a sudden the person behind your oldest son started puking. A person you wouldn’t have had any further contact with by this point because the flight was supposed to be at its destination 2 hours before you actually took off.

And what would just add the cherry to the sucky-ness of it all would be if your oldest son then proceeded to get sick and it spread like wild fire through your in-laws and then right back to you making you cancel job interviews for a job that you really really really want.

Oh and then the nanny would get sick and still be sick 4 days later so that B was now missing.

Yeah -- that would really suck.

Guess who’s last 10 days or so really sucked.

1 comment:

KatieG said...

haha! this is funny.
(not funny in reality, but funny in writing...) ;-)