Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Why not to fly Jet Blue

Here is a little note to any family that is planning on traveling in the near future….


Do not let them lure you in with their TV goodness that you think will keep your children entertained during a flight because 1) there is not entertainment on 4+ hour delays while you are loaded on and off the plane multiple times (car seat in tow and all), 2) they will do their best to screw you over five ways to Sunday prior to you boarding their planes and 3) they could not be more family UN-friendly if they tried.

Pre-boarding for all of 30 second -- that coming from the unbiased, un-pissed off half of this family.

Oh and gate checking a stroller -- yeah, they will make that as painful as possible too.

Try to add a lap infant to a reservation -- make sure you have every identifying piece of information you have ever been provided throughout your entire life otherwise they will plead breach of confidentiality as Carissa did multiple times on their customer service line (although I don't know how they can be breaching my confidence when I am adding to my own reservation as I had done similtaneous for another flight!).

Maybe it was just the obnoxious asshole that was the gate agent on January 1, 2008 at O’Hare’s F8 terminal, but since he seemed to think that it “wasn’t his problem” (only said that about 7 times), I am going to try to make sure that it in fact becomes his problem.

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MommytoA said...

You should've flown the big "D". We would've screwed you over and convinced you we "understand your frustration". But, yeah, Jet Blue blows....