Thursday, January 10, 2008

things i have learned this year...

  • L can now tell us when he is going to throw up
  • L can throw up into a toilet
  • R won't throw up unless he is alone in his crib
  • L takes more than 10 days to have normal poop after the flu
  • R does not
  • the stomach flu will absolutely trash you milk supply
  • when you normally happy child cries for three days straight, see if you have low milk supply before thinking it is an ear infection
  • I am just not destined to be a mom that nurses for a year. 10 months this time, 8 months last time
  • when you are fighting your supply on a daily basis for months, it really is a relief to actually break down and use formula
  • 500 oz of stored breastmilk will NOT get you through the first year even if you pump all the dang time
  • B - is more of a lactivist then I am, but he is also extremely supportive when he sees it doesn't work

Ahhh -- the lessons of the stomach flu

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