Thursday, January 17, 2008

It happened

Everyone said it would happen. B and I were so worried about L and his speech and everyone laughed at us and said "once he starts talking you will just want him to shut up."

They were right.

Well, they were sort of right. L is still delayed with his speech, but he is getting so much better. He doesn't talk in sentances at all yet, but he is getting much better at 2 and 3 word combos. He seems to get a bit stuck on words though.

Well, not words, exactly. One word.


I think he does it to make me crazy. He doesn't do it with Daddy... and Daddy is by far his favorite still, however, he never just says Mommy once. It is like a broken record that he gets stuck on. Doesn't matter if I respond immediately or attempt to ignore it. It is very weird to me.

Oh and makes me batshit crazy because I hate repetively noises/sounds/words.

But he is talking and getting better and better every day. Lauren, his speech therapist, is so impressed with his progress that every day is a glowing report. And while it makes me crazy, I am so proud of him too.

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mamaC said...

YEAH! That is great to hear!!! ;)