Thursday, January 31, 2008

The morning of poo...

Because really what kind of Mommy blogger would I be without stories of poop?

When I got R up this morning, I knew right away he had pooped in his sleep. Yesterday he pooped so much that it actually leaked out of a cloth diaper -- something that has NEVER happened before -- so I was actually almost expecting a leaky diaper. I wasn't so lucky. I think I would rather have a leaky diaper than have poop the consistancy of tar that I had to scrap off his rearend. Add to that, clumps that were falling off onto the changing table and apparently The Wife fed him beans yesterday. Don't you love when you can actually identify their meals from the day before.

Luckily a quick swish in the toilet was all the diaper needed and then I got R dressed and he was ready to go for the day.

Then L woke up. Yet again, the stench of poo hit you when you walked in the door, but I was NOT prepared to pick him up and be SOAKED. That's right, he peed and pooped through his diaper. To such a great extent that I think I used almost an entire container of wipes practically bathing him head to toe to get it all off. Then of course there was the impending load of laundry to do.

Needless to say -- I washed my hands four times this morning and did a load of laundry. L can't get potty trained quickly enough.

Tell me again why I want another kid?

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