Monday, October 13, 2008


The Halloween costumes have finally been set!

I had a brilliant idea that I was going to make the boys costumes this year. L would be Percy and R would be Thomas. We are currently big fans of both Thomas and Bob the Builder (although I don’t know if it is actually Bob the Builder or just the ONE episode that seems to have Moo Cow in the beginning of it because they only watch until they see Moo Cow!).

I searched the internet and found a costume idea. The point was the make it out of an apron. Adorable idea. Was supposed to cost $10 per costume.

Then I bought the stuff. $37 later I was beginning to think that ordering $20 a piece professional Thomas costumes would have been much better.

Then I went to the local Kid to Kid store. Sort of a consignment-y place. I hate nothing more than spending $20 on a costume my kids will wear for 3 seconds.

So R is going to be a cow. I picked it up for $6 at the consignment shop. And OMG does he look adorable in it. His love for cows though better last because he isn’t so pleased about the cow head hood.

L -- he is going to be a golfer again. Turns out he still fits into the costume he wore last year and asked to carry his “lollipops” again (the stuffed golf clubs). As Mama is being cheap at this point, spending zero sounded dang appealing.


KatieG said...

haha - i love that little golfer outfit. ;-) He'll be adorable, again!

MomSmoo said...

Oh my Katie -- I swear it is cuter this year because the pants actually look like bloomers since he is so much taller! I will show you pictures as soon as I have them.