Thursday, October 30, 2008

wakie wakie

L now thinks it is a good thing to get up at 615 to 630 in the mornings. And no he doesn't want to go back to sleep you crazy woman you... he wants to lay in bed and yammer on about his day. Especially since I was at a meeting last night and didn't see him after school.

Now, less then 30 minutes later, I have no idea what he told me. Something about school and more then likely something about JJ -- his best friend/nemisis. But then again it might have been something about R peeing in the bathtub and them needing showers because of it. For some reason that sounds right. What a weird ass dream to have had if that isn't what he told me.

You see, I am what one could call opposed to mornings. I do not like waking up, getting out of bed, getting a shower, etc. This used to carry on while I commuted to work (it was a train, I could safely sleep) and then I would slowly wake myself out of my haze at about 10am. You know, 3 hours after the alarm went off.

Now, not so much. In 10 minutes I have to have breakfast on the table for the kids. They both wake up at full steam and start racing around the house. Then while they eat I need to get their clothing out and get an idea of what I am going to wear. After that, clean up, struggle to dress the two of them while they try to play and laugh at my attempt to just hold them down. The mornings L feels like getting himself dressed are wonderful. I look forward to more of them.

But losing that hour of wake up time from when the alarm goes off until the boys are supposed to start waking up. That is hellish on me.

In L's terms -- me no like.

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