Tuesday, October 7, 2008

6 months

That is the delay, but no diagnosis which puts R on the Autism Spectrum. I was a little surprised to hear his speech is 6 months delayed because I was going back and forth on whether to refer him or not, but I guess that is the point I attempt to always make to other moms.... if you have any question -- get your kid evaluated.

A friend asked -- how are you REALLY doing with the news, since I tend to internalize it -- the answer was that I was actually more focused on a screw up at work then I was on the diagnosis, so I guess I really am doing ok with it.

R may be a typical second child. R may be a typical slow to talk boy. R may be a lot of things. But one thing he won't be is a child who slips through the cracks and struggles with his speech for the next year while I pretend everything is ok.

And that makes me feel like a good mom. Regardless of anything else.


mamaC said...

You are an AMAZING mom! For all you do for your boys and for caring more about their wellbeing than what others will think. Too many parents brush stuff like this off because they don't want the stigma that goes with it. But, their child is the one that suffers. You are a great mom!!!

nicole said...

You're doing great. You know that. Don't ever think, or let anyone tell you, differently. I'm so glad that you are ready to handle anything life throws at you, and you handle it all so well! Keep it up.

By the way...I tagged you. Just a little more blogging material for you this month!