Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Ok -- I am getting a little overworked here. Racing from one thing to another is fine, however taking 10 times longer to do it isn't.

Oh and this morning, in my brain dead stupor I deleted an hour worth of changes I had made to a document. Yeah, it is pretty easy to see why things are taking me 10 times longer then I expect.

So, then we throw on a few new meetings, another trip to another office to meet another partner who wants to drop another "case or two" on my lap.

Granted, if I had no work I would be bored and scared to death for my job, but seriously.... too much still is too much no matter how thankful I am for job security.

So excuse the short entries... I am just posting to survive here right now -- 2 more days and I will have made 30 of the 31 I was going for.

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nicole said...

I wondered where you've been. I'm sorry you're so busy, but glad you aren't bored too. Boredom is never a good thing. Write when you get a chance.