Thursday, October 9, 2008

The results are....

I passed! Passed... OMG I am still in shock almost 24 hours later. I don't know if it was more recent, revisionist history, but I was pretty sure I didn't even put my name on the second half of the exam, so I was thinking that was 100 points right off the top.

But alas, I passed and after finding out the news my day went on a lot like usual.

Until my old firm called to congratulate me. You don't realize how much you miss a group of people until you hear their voices. Do I miss everyone -- no, co-irker hasn't become less annoying with distance -- but I do miss most of them. I mentioned to my current boss yesterday that I am going to look for a class that would give me CLE (continuing legal education) credit in both NY and PA. Maybe that will be my way to keep in touch with everyone in NY. Goodness knows they were all for it.

Today, I am sure life is going to return to usual, assignments will continue to pile up for me and I will still work to dig my way out. In the meantime I have two very sticky children to get ready for school. R wanted a syrup facial apparently.

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