Friday, October 24, 2008

No pumpkin

B worked on a pumpkin farm for 13 years. Before we had L, he insisted that he would forever hate Halloween. Luckily, he has gotten better over the last three years. The first year, he took pictures of L - who was about 11 months - and I took him to the surrounding houses. We were all getting over the stomach flu so we kept it really low key.

It was better than the year before. On Halloween 2005 I was certain my water had broken. I was 35 weeks pregnant. It hadn't (eww) and I found out how common it was to make that mistake. I didn't do it again. So I was a grump (certain I was having a baby THAT day to nothing and being told to take it easy again). So at about 8 I turned on the porch light, put a bowl of candy out and went to bed.

Last year was great though. L and B stayed out for a good 2.5 hours. We went trick or treating with our neighbors in NY and R lasted just over an hour.

This year, we are all sorts of behind. We have costumes (thank goodness since our first Halloween party is tonight). We have yet to get a pumpkin. We haven't done anything fall related. Nothing.

Shoot -- even in our many trips to the market, we have only picked up one container of apple cider (which we promptly forgot in the fridge and it swelled and -- well it was dumped).

Hopefully this weekend includes a trip to a farm and to get a pumpkin. But since it is supposed to rain all weekend, I am not holding his breath.

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nicole said...

We haven't done a pumpking yet either. Dylan has decorated a pumpkin with foam Halloween stickers, and we've made a "Mr. Potato Head" Pumpkin with pieces to look like Frankenstein, but we've yet to pick out a pumpkin and carve one. It's kinda hard to do that when it's still over 90 degrees everyday and pumpkins rot in about three days total. I suppose it's on our list for Monday. And a pumpkin patch and corn maze too. I hope you're able to get out today and find a little bit of dry time.